Glutton or Gluten?

Did you know the biggest problem with the American diet is gluttony? Food habits are deeply rooted in our psyche. It is much harder to admit we are overindulgent and change an eating habit than to pinpoint a certain food and add or remove it from our diet. People don’t want to hear the honest truth, but I’ll give it to you straight: eat simply and eat less.

Don’t indulge in a sweet treat after every meal…not even a “healthy treat” after every meal. When you’ve had a rough day, go for a walk or visit with a neighbor instead of grabbing a candy bar or stopping for your favorite ice cream to take home with you. A large percentage of our national obesity and disease is directly related to overindulgent eating habits. What do you think, is the Gluten or the Glutton the bigger problem these days? Join me in being glutton free!