Our Process

Real Food. Real Science. Real Nutrition.

Our Process - How it's made

How are Fruits & Veggies made?

Our process is simple, and we are happy to break it down for you.

Our produce goes from the earth to your doorstep in 8 steps:

1.The produce in Balance of Nature goes through an advanced air-dry and vacuum-cold process, which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content

2. The dried produce is then independently tested for pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, and nutritional content. We accept nothing but the best and purest food for our products.

3. The various kinds of produce are tested on site for color, smell, and taste. This is an important test because phytonutrients are the color, smell, and taste of fruits and vegetables. If Balance of Nature technicians find the dried produce to be beautiful in color, clearly smelling of the fruits and vegetables they are, and rich in flavor, they are accepted for the Balance of Nature proprietary blends. The produce is rejected if these properties are not sufficiently present.

4. The top-quality produce is then ground into an extremely fine powder. Just like chewing, this grinding step is very important to the nutritional value of Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies. as the greater the surface area of your food, the easier it is for your body to absorb its nutrients. Balance of Nature is not meant to be a meal replacement, but absorption of nutrients that would reach 100% percent. No chewing required! This premastication, or pre-chewing, is key to this goal. 

5. The fine powders are combined into 2 respective blends of 16 different fruits and 15 different vegetables. Every fruit and vegetable in our blends was scientifically selected by Dr. Douglas Howard* and combined for the most optimal effect. 

6. The blended powder is then encapsulated into vegetable capsules without the assistance of or any added chemistry.

7. The capsules are polished, counted, bottled, sealed, and labeled.

8. Your product is delivered to your door!


How many fruits and vegetables are in the capsules?

When you take the recommended daily serving of 3 Fruits and 3 Veggies, you get a variety of 31 different fruits and vegetables. It’s like eating a huge fruit salad and a huge vegetable salad every day!

Think of an orange. An orange represents 1 serving. Once the orange has been flash-dried and ground into powder, it will be the volume of about 1 teaspoon. Everything's there except the water and the air. A fraction of this teaspoon, along with the teaspoons of other fruits, would be found in just 1 Fruits capsule. Through Dr. Howard's trial and error, research, and experimentation, a precise and balanced combination was discovered. This balance is what gives us the wonderful results we enjoy today.

Our Promise

As a company, we promise to continue producing the best and purest whole food products made in a way that maintains the integrity of all-natural nutrition.

*Chiropractic Physician (Retired)
Professor of Medical Science and Research, Pavlov Medical University
Dean of Foreign Student Affairs, St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical University (Retired)