Success Story Feature—Gordon Gunn

Success Story Feature—Gordon Gunn

Gordon Gunn has taken Balance of Nature consistently for about twenty-three years. He continues to experience the benefits of having more fruits and vegetables every day through Balance of Nature!

Gordon Gunn lives in the country in Cedar City, Utah. The 71-year-old has taken Balance of Nature consistently for about twenty-three years and continues to experience the benefits that come from it.

One thing Gordon enjoys is painting, focusing mainly on watercolors. Gordon said he believes in good mental health, and painting is one thing that allows him to relax, be creative, and keep his mind sharp. He has also enjoyed building and remodeling homes over the years with his wife. They now enjoy their “country lifestyle,” owning chickens and a goat. 

Gordon said he enjoys having the good health benefits that come from taking Balance of Nature. When he was young, he learned the importance of eating healthily. He shares:

When I was growing up, my parents really taught us about good nutrition. We 
had a vegetable garden, and so we ate fruits and vegetables—my parents had cherry 
trees and apple trees, and so that was incorporated in my upbringing. And I just want to 
have the best health possible, and so Balance of Nature allows me to have the servings 
of fruits and vegetables I want.

He also explains that taking Balance of Nature is inexpensive compared to purchasing fruits and vegetables, and is far more convenient. 

Gordon had some health problems earlier in life. He took Balance of Nature, and he believes it made a difference. 

In 2021, Gordon discovered he needed to undergo surgery and some serious medical treatments. Gordon tripled his intake of Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies to help him have the best health possible. When he learned of his condition, Gordon studied the importance of healthy eating, exercise, and mental attitude. This led to his decision to increase his servings of Balance of Nature. 

Gordon lost a lot of energy going through surgery and treatment. “I was almost exhausted and I wanted to spend most of the day napping or resting.” Later on, after his treatments, his strength and energy began to return.

“I felt that if I had strength and energy, that would help me,” he says. “That brought me to the point where I was really faithful in taking my Balance of Nature.” 

“Now I’m able to do what I want to do and I don’t feel like there's anything I can’t do that I wasn’t doing before. . . . I feel within my heart that Balance of Nature . . . gave me a lot of the strength that I needed . . . ,” he said. 

Gordon explained that it is difficult to measure the difference Balance of Nature has made in his life because he has been taking it so long that he doesn’t remember what it was like before, but he says he knows that Balance of Nature gave him a step up when it comes to having good health. 

He exercises daily, walking at least two miles a day, and paints to support his mental health. 
Taking Balance of Nature gives Gordon peace of mind. “Balance of Nature has given me the assurance that I can have the best health possible,” he says.

“I don’t feel tired during the day, and I have the energy to do what I want to do.” He even paints until three in the morning some nights!

He explains that he would never want to be without Balance of Nature.“I believe fruits and vegetables help us to be strong . . . .”

Gordon explains that Balance of Nature contains various fruits and vegetables that are balanced so that they complement each other. “One of the things that gives me greater peace of mind is knowing that I’m getting a wide assortment of different vegetables, or different fruits.” 

He says the thought of trying to manage that himself would be overwhelming. With Balance of Nature, he knows he is getting the right variety of fruits and vegetables every day.

Gordon simply swallows the Veggies with a beverage, and he chews the Fruits as a treat or snack. 

“When I’m taking nine Fruits and nine Veggies, I take my Veggies with my Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice,” he shares. Gordon was introduced to Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice around two or three years ago. He says it’s helped him be more regular. 

Gordon and his wife have a vegetable garden, but the challenge is keeping the produce fresh. He said he likes that Balance of Nature’s produce is fresh. He equates Balance of Nature to fresh fruits and vegetables: it’d be the same as getting them and eating them at home.

Gordon says he would recommend Balance of Nature to anyone who wants good health and the peace of mind that their body is strengthened and protected. 

“I would also recommend it to anyone that wants to have energy or wants to have good health, especially to the seniors.”

If you’re like Gordon—wanting to have better health and more energy to do the things you enjoy—try Balance of Nature for yourself and experience the difference today! Visit to learn more.