Success Story Feature—Dorothy

Success Story Feature—Dorothy

“My secret is Balance of Nature," Dorothy says. "It keeps me going, it keeps me spirited, it keeps me lively. I’m not tired, I’m not drowsy all the time, the way I used to be. I highly recommend it because it’s done wonders for me personally.”

Balance of Nature customer Dorothy is 97 years old and doing very well to this day. She was married for 72 years! She has 2 children, 2 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. She says her secret to feeling so well is Balance of Nature.

Dorothy was a social worker for 35 years and still maintains contact with some former coworkers. 

Her husband was 101 years old when he passed. She was his sole caretaker. “I don’t know where I got the energy to take care of him like I did.”

After his passing, Dorothy said she experienced immense fatigue. “After he passed everything collapsed,” she says. “I was so tired—I can’t even begin to describe the tiredness I experienced. Walking from my bedroom to the kitchen was exhausting.”

Trying Balance of Nature

Dorothy saw the advertisement for Balance of Nature when she was watching television. “I figured, gee-whiz, it’s worth a try,” she says. So she called and ordered some.

“Whether you believe it or not, within 2 weeks, this is really the God honest truth. Within 2 weeks, I felt like a different person. So I am totally addicted to Balance of Nature.”

She said she realized she wasn’t eating properly, and Balance of Nature did the trick.

She still drives locally, visits friends, talks on the telephone, reads often, and simply enjoys “puttering around” at home. Dorothy says she loves to sleep until around 10 a.m., then listens to the radio while eating a leisurely breakfast, and then putters around. A pretty good life for a 97-year-old!

Valuing Independence

Dorothy says being independent is extremely important to her. “I just feel I want to do all these things by myself as long as I can,” she explains. Doing all the errands she does makes her feel very independent and capable, not to mention it is more convenient than, say, having to call a taxi. “I maintain my independence. I would be devastated if I couldn’t.”

“All I can say about Balance of Nature is that it has done wonders for me,” Dorothy shares. “My exhaustion after my husband’s passing was indescribable; I couldn’t tell you how tired I was—I would sit at the kitchen table . . . , my head would nod, and I would fall asleep. Every time I sat down someplace, I would wake up and it would be an hour or two later! But since I’ve taken Balance of Nature, it has given me incredible energy. I won’t run a marathon, admittedly, but I can take care of the house. I vacuum, I dust, I do my own laundry, I do a little cooking . . .. ” 

“I’m a huge vegetable person, but by the time you buy enough for one person, it doesn’t even pay,” she adds. “I prefer Balance of Nature. . . . It keeps me going.” 

Sharing Balance of Nature with Her Family

Dorothy also recommends that her grandchildren take it:

“I am happy there are no chemicals in it, no GMOs—sometimes I encourage my grandchildren to give it to the little ones [my great grandchildren] when they don’t feel like eating. I have grandchildren who are hefty eaters and some, as most children, are not big fruits and vegetable eaters. I have encouraged my granddaughter and granddaughter-in-law to try Balance of Nature for their children. It certainly can’t hurt them, and it can only do good.”

Dorothy says she and her husband weren’t really big fruit eaters, but they did like vegetables. “That’s why the Balance of Nature has been so good for me because I don’t feel I’m depriving myself of the nutrients that I should be having. So it’s very important to me.”

Dorothy says when she was growing up, her mother would feed them a special meal on Thursday nights so they could perform better on their Friday tests. This included fish, fruits, and vegetables. “I used to try that trick on my kids, but somehow it didn’t work!”

Dorothy takes her 3 Balance of Nature Fruits capsules in the morning and her 3 Balance of Nature Veggies at night with dinner.

“Right now that I’m alone . . . my secret is Balance of Nature. It keeps me going, it keeps me spirited, it keeps me lively. I’m not tired, I’m not drowsy all the time, the way I used to be. I highly recommend it because it’s done wonders for me personally.”

Dorothy also says she has referred friends to Balance of Nature, and they have reported equally great results. 

Try Balance of Nature for yourself to enjoy extra energy like Dorothy does!