Success Story Feature—Denim and Mekenzie Ferguson

Success Story Feature—Denim and Mekenzie Ferguson

“I recommend Balance of Nature to anybody I train and [to] anybody that wants to stay healthy,” Denim Ferguson says.

Balance of Nature customer Denim Ferguson knows a thing or two about building muscle. A professional bodybuilder and personal trainer, he and his wife, Mekenzie, own a personal training facility in St. George, Utah—Iron Titan’s Gym. Fitness, weight training, and sports are their passions, and they love sharing those passions with others. 

Denim and Mekenzie help people with proper form, motivation, and accountability based on their individual needs. Some of their clients are kids, some seventy-year-olds, some have injuries or certain conditions, and some need help with recovery. Denim and Mekenzie tailor workouts to meet each person’s individual needs and goals.

“Keeps it interesting for us; keeps us on our toes,” Mekenzie says of working with a diverse group of clients. “It’s nice. . . . It challenges us and makes us work harder and better.” 

Denim says his favorite part about personal training is interacting with different clients and their reaction when they work together to reach their goals.

He first started out training himself. He became a certified trainer about fifteen years ago, continuing his education at various personal training organizations and in nutrition before opening his own gym. He and Mekenzie have now been running Iron Titan’s Gym for over three years.

Working together as a team is helpful to generate ideas and to get another perspective, and it keeps things fun, Mekenzie says.

In addition to running a personal training gym, Denim and Mekenzie have participated in bodybuilding competitions over the years. Denim competes in the National Physique Committee in Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Physique, and Men’s Physique. Mekenzie has competed three times in the Figure division. 

Regionally, Denim has taken first place in the Classic Physique division, open class and second place in master’s division Classic Physique, which qualified him for nationals. 

Preparation for shows is constant, he says. He explains that competitors have to watch their diet and that between sixteen and twenty weeks before showtimes, they really have to clean up the diet and may start cardio, depending on the person. Denim’s routine would usually consist of waking up early in the morning, walking about thirty minutes, eating a balanced meal every two to three hours, participating in scheduled workouts, and trying to get about seven or eight hours of sleep.

“Nutrition, I would say, is the most important part,” Denim explains. “If you’re not fueling your body right, you’re not going to get the results you want. Your workouts are going to suffer . . . ”

“I believe nutrition for everybody is the most important part of the fitness journey,” he says. “Without the proper nutrition, your daily routine can suffer, your focus, your well-being throughout the day.”

Mekenzie agrees. “Nutrition is just as important as working out. You can work out all day, but if you’re not eating properly it won’t really matter too much. . . . It’s equally important if not more.”

When she is preparing for competition she said she actually doesn’t change her workouts; she only changes her food and diet. She also ups her Balance of Nature intake to 9 Fruits and 9 Veggies. 

Recovery is also very important because the sooner someone can recover, the sooner they can get back to working those muscles again. 

Denim says the main difference for him is that he takes Balance of Nature. Others don’t get the same type of recovery, he explains. He is able to work each muscle group up to three times a week because he feels recovered and ready to go. 

Mekenzie says this is what she noticed the most from taking Balance of Nature: that the nutrition support has aided in her recovery. She takes her 6 Fruits and 6 Veggies post-workout for this very reason. 

“Balance of Nature has aided in recovery by helping me get the micronutrients that not a lot of people focus on,” Denim explains. “Most people are focused on the protein, carbs, and fats, [but] with Balance of Nature you get all the micronutrients from the Fruits & Veggies.” 

He says that ever since he started bodybuilding, he thinks it’s best to get as much nutrition as possible from whole food. 

This is where Balance of Nature comes in for him: he is able to get 100 percent natural fruits and vegetables easily. 

“I feel like I have been able to get a balanced diet and get my fruits and vegetables through Balance of Nature,” Denim says. 

He usually takes Balance of Nature in the morning and then again after a workout to help start the recovery process. When he competes, Denim takes it in the morning, before going on stage, after he comes off stage, and again before going on stage in the evening. 

Most people in bodybuilding don’t live a healthy lifestyle, he says, so Denim tries to eat a healthy diet that is more balanced than the typical bodybuilder diet. The same is true for Mekenzie. She explains that having balance is hard in bodybuilding because usually bodybuilders have to cut out a lot, fruit included, but with Balance of Nature, they are able to still get in their servings without the extra calories.  

“I recommend Balance of Nature to anybody I train and [to] anybody that wants to stay healthy,” Denim says.

He says he also believes Balance of Nature helps with sleep; he says sleeps better. 

Denim says he knows Balance of Nature can be trusted, that it is high-quality and 100 percent whole fruits and vegetables. 

If you want help eating a more balanced diet and could use more fruits and vegetables to supply your body with high-quality nutrition, try Balance of Nature! Visit to learn more.