Stir Fry Recipe

Check out this easy and delicious recipe for stir fry that uses Balance of Nature Veggies!

4 cups water

14 oz. rice noodles

1 T. oil

1/2 c. carrots (chopped)

1 c. broccoli florets

1/2 c. mushrooms

1/2 c. bean sprouts 

1 c. water chestnuts 

1 handful sugar snap peas

3 Balance of Nature Veggies

1/4 c. low sodium soy sauce


Boil 4 cups of water. Cook rice noodles until soft and drain. While noodles are cooking, heat the oil in a large pan. Add vegetables and cover with lid. Once the vegetables are soft, add cooked noodles and stir until combined. Open the Balance of Nature Veggie capsules and the sprinkle powder. Add soy sauce (optional) and mix again. Enjoy! 


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