PHYTOLOGY FRIDAY - October 9, 2020

Our weekly digest of the latest information on pure, potent, plant power.

Welcome to Phytology Friday, Balance of Nature’s weekly digest of the latest information on pure, potent, plant power.

On the blog this week we discussed hormone D and the phytonutrient allantoin. We also shared a delicious recipe for oil-free french fries.

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This week we found an easy, healthy recipe, along with some great content about food and inflammation, healthy diets for diabetes, and plant-based diets.




Stay Away From These Five Foods That Can Trigger Inflammation in Your Body

Fuel your body with whole foods like fruits and vegetables. A plant-based diet can drastically reduce inflammation. (Health Shots)


Lessons From a Diabetes Clinic in Malawi: Why Everyone Should Follow a Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is important for everyone! Start eating more whole food today to reduce your risk of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. (The Conversation)


'Becoming Plant-Based Has Definitely Changed My Life' Says Ninja Warrior Competitor

Want to feel as good as a warrior? Turn to a plant-based diet, and you will notice the changes. (Plant Based News)


Plant Based Health Boosting Nutrients

Phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables have such amazing nutrients. (Times Now News)


The Best Sources of Protein for Vegetarians, According to Dietitians

There are so many ways to get protein through whole-food, plant-based sources. (Byrdie)


Simple Cucumber Salad Recipe

Such a refreshing salad! (Wellness Mama)