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All-Natural, Whole Health Supplements

Our Whole Health System is meant to help simplify your life.

  • Over 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Powerful antioxidants from pure produce.
  • No sugars or artificial sweeteners.
  • No synthetics, extracts, or fillers.
  • The right balance of soluble and insoluble fibers.

Directions & Use:

  1. Fruits – Balance of Nature Fruits™ taste great because it is 100% produce! Some people chew the fruits as a treat. You can also swallow them with water. Our fruits blend was carefully crafted for combined effectiveness with each other and the Balance of Nature Veggies™. Take a look at the ingredient list. This is powerful stuff!
  2. Veggies – Balance of Nature Veggies™ are delicious opened and sprinkled over a salad, stirred into vegetable juice, or added to a dish of cottage cheese. Of course, you can also swallow them with a glass of water. Our Veggies™ blend was carefully crafted for effectiveness with each other and the Balance of Nature Fruits™. Check out the pure ingredients. This is serious nutrition!
  3. Fiber & Spice™ – We recommend mixing Fiber & Spice™ in a glass of water. Many customers enjoy Fiber & Spice™ mixed in diluted apple juice to give it a delicious spiced cider flavor. Fiber & Spice is a revolutionary fiber drink with whole psyllium husk, whole apple, flax seed, and a blend of 12 spices. The specific blend of fiber regulates your bowels. The unique addition of spices delivers potent phytonutrition directly to the gut. Take a look at the ingredients. This is a unique blend of whole foods. Experience the difference!

Additional information
Package Description:

Our Whole Health System includes both our Fruits & Veggies and Fiber & Spice supplements in one convenient shipment.

Fiber & Spice:

2 heaping scoops twice daily (morning & evening).

Fruits & Veggies:

3 Fruit and 3 Veggie capsules daily (eat more when you feel you need it).

Supply Per Bottle:

30 day supply. 17.6 oz of fiber and 90 capsules each of Fruits & Veggies.

Purchase Option

Purchase as Preferred Customer, Purchase as Retail Customer

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Whole Health System

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    AnnaMarie Howard Woods

    Love, Love, Love it! Our whole family takes all their products daily.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kayla Stewart

    I love this product! It’s real! It has helped me and my family live healthier lives! I love how we can eat as many as we want and I don’t have to worry about overdosing like you would with vitamins. It has given me peace of mind knowing that my picky toddlers are getting their full servings of fruits and vegetables! The fiber is great as well! We never go a day without taking all of these!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rosa Sailors

    It’s been a little over a year since my husband and I started taking this product. I have a coach assigned to me to walk me through and educate me on balanced nutrition. I love this about the company by the way. The product was originally recommended by a woman who swore the product had helped her MS.

    My husband had been experiencing joint pain all over his body to the point where he couldn’t even play Golf without experiencing excruciating pain. I, on the other hand, was going through all sorts of menopausal problems. My thyroid was out of balance. I was diagnosed as having hypothyroidism.

    As a result, I had no energy and it affected my work outs. I kept going up and up in weight. I had joint pain all over my body as well. I had done some blood work and my doctor said that I had a very high glycemic level (high sugar level) and I was told that if it continued like this, I would become insulin resistant and eventually could turn diabetic if I didn’t address the problem now. I was instructed to change my diet and avoid dairy, wheat, sugar, gluten. Basically I had to give up everything that I liked. It was no fun. I had high cholesterol (the bad one). Needless to say, going into my menopausal years, I was experiencing great imbalance in every way I can think of. Mind you, I am pretty in tune with my body and knew right away when my weight kept creeping up and up that something was really wrong. The weight kept creeping up even after I got on this gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and low glycemic diet. We had tried so many different products that did not work and I was a little worried that this would be another money waster, but we went ahead and gave it chance.

    When we first started taking the product, we were taking only 6 a day, 3 fruits and 3 veggies as recommended by the product. We noticed that we felt worse at the beginning. I talked to my coach at the company and he said that was ok..that it was cleaning us out and getting rid of bad toxins and bacteria and replacing with good. We continued at it and after about 4 months, we both started to feel a huge difference in how we felt. Our joint pain was diminishing. Rick was able to get back to the Golf game and I was able to work out again, but still my blood work showed a high cholesterol level and high sugar level and this is even after I talked to my coach and he had me do clean eating. My coach mentioned that perhaps to get optimum vitality, we should try to increase the amount we take and see how we do.

    We followed his advice and we increased our intake from 6 a day each to 12 a day (6 of each) and two scoops of the F&S morning and night. For myself, I started to immediately tell the difference in my joints. I suffered from chronic hay fever in the past and now I feel so good and I hardly ever experience hay fever at all. My joint pain is gone. I am working out as powerfully as before. My nails are strong, my skin looks great. Rick, my husband Golfs regularly now without the uncomfortable pain. My last blood work showed that my cholesterol level is normal, my sugar level is normal, my thyroid level is super duper normal.

    I have never felt such confidence in recommending a product as I feel with Balance of Nature. I trust it so much that I buy it for my mother and she too loves it and has helped her so much. I absolutely love this product.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dustin Dansie

    The Whole health system has helped get rid of my insomnia, my depression, give me energy, and help my IBS. I’m so lucky to have found Balance of Nature. It is the only supplement that has ever helped me before. I don’t even take multivitamins or other supplements anymore because I don’t need them! I eat more fruits and veggies since I’ve been taking this product, it’s almost like my body craves more and more.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kathryn J Bowler

    I love Balance of Nature, I have loved it ever since I started taking it. It is seriously a life-changing product. Having it shipped monthly to my door and even my family makes it more convenient to be consistent and see the results I desire. The fact that there is no contract makes it even more worthy of my money. Within the first 30 minutes of taking the fruits and veggies, my mid-day grogginess and headache were instantly soothed. I noticed that my thinking was clearer and i had the get up and go type of energy. This product has worked wonders for my family. Balance of Nature provides my body with the nutrients it needs to maintain a strong and healthy well-being. If the world knew about Balance of Nature, it would be a happier place.

    “Courage, cheerfulness and a desire to work depends mostly on good nutrition.” ~Jacob Moleschott

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