Meet Dr. Howard

The Formulator

Our story begins in the early 90’s with a young physician named Dr. Douglas Howard who was concerned about the increasing epidemic of lifestyle diseases. He was concerned about his family and patients staying active, happy, and healthy.

Dr. Howard traveled the world studying medicine, nutrition, and chiropractic to find answers. All his research and experience pointed to a basic solution: personal accountability. As he helped his patients take responsibility for their choices in nutrition, physical activity, and mental health, their quality of life improved. Dr. Howard began researching and developing reasonable ways for people to incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle and make permanent changes.

Today, Dr. Howard is one of the leading researchers in phytonutrition. He continues to research and lecture around the world. Balance of Nature products are the culmination of his passion for people, health, and science.

Our Philosophy

The Triad of Health

Complete health can only be achieved through personal accountability. During 20 years of practice, Dr. Howard developed a simple philosophy to clarify your personal health responsibilities: The Triad of Health.

Physical Health: This is what you do and how your body functions, all the way down to the cellular level. This side of the triad includes consistent physical activity and proper function of your physical body.

Spiritual Health: This encompasses spiritual, mental, and emotional health. This side of the triad includes what you think, how you think, your relationships, and your attitude. We believe complete health cannot dismiss your relationship with God and daily personal meditation.

Chemical Health: This involves every function of your body. This side of the triad includes what you eat, drink, breathe, absorb, or consume in any way. Your body is a fantastic chemical laboratory—the substances you choose to expose it to affect its intricate functions & processes.