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On a daily basis we receive new stories and testimonials from our customers calling in and telling us about their success. It is truly amazing that something as simple as getting whole food everyday can help so many people. We encourage you to call in and talk to your health coach about how your quality of life as improved with Balance of Nature.

Success Stories

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Icon IlaMay - Staying Physically Active
St. George, UT

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Icon Joe - Prostate PSA
New York, NY

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Icon Lorrie - ...this is all I need.
St. George, UT

"I found out that this is all I need. Even with pregnancies, the last two I had I didn't take prenatal. I just doubled or tripled the whole time. And I was so healthy. Probably the healthiest I've been in any of my pregnancies."

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Icon Mercedes - you energy and keeps you going.
St. Albans, NY

"It helps a lot because it gives you energy and keeps you going."

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Icon Dan - "...your blood work is so good.
Selden, NY

"The thing that came up recently with my doctor, she was like saying, 'I don't get it, your blood work is so good.' I'm not even taking the cholesterol pill that they want me to take. I've just been doing the Balance of Nature and it's like, eliminating all those other problems. I do believe in whole food and whole food nutrition, so that's why I fell in love with you guys!"

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Icon Bill - "...just can't believe how well the product works."
Carpentersville, IL

"You guys are great. And I tell you what, your product, it's a miracle. I tell you what, what a difference it has done in my life. I'm a Vietnam vet. I just can't believe how well the product works.

And you know what too is I stopped taking it for about two weeks 'cause I wanted to see if it was a difference. And I tell you what, I could tell right away the difference between having it in my system and not having it and not taking it."

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Icon Leah - "...what the testimonials say on the radio are totally true."
Bergenfield, NJ

"Well, I really have to say, that what the testimonials say on the radio are totally true. My son has gotten sick twice, he gets sick a lot. Like 12 hours he was better. Where normally he'd be out a whole week from school, now he just missed the one day."

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Icon Richard - "So far I'm happy with the product."
Frankfort, IL

"So far I'm happy with the product."

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Icon Lois - "...I've been doubling up on it these couple of days."
Smithfield, RI

"...I had extra and so I've been doubling up on it these couple of days. I'm doing even better."

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Icon Amy - "I have a lot more energy for sure."
Logan, NM

"I have a lot more energy for sure."

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Icon Pete - " fingers have much more sensitivity."
Santa Clara, UT

"I've been more energetic. This morning when I poked myself to get some blood it was real hurtful. That's good and that's bad. That means that my sensitivity is much better than they used to be. I could poke myself and didn't hardly feel it. But I'm happy with the fact that I feel. My fingers have much more sensitivity."

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Icon Edward - "I certainly feel well."
Elizabeth, NJ

"I certainly feel well. I haven't been sick over the course of winter."

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Icon Diana - I've been feeling better...
Barnegat, NJ

"I've been feeling better with the Fruits & Veggies."

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Icon William - "I feel real healthy. Everybody tells me I look fantastic."
Saddle Brook, NJ

"I feel real good. I just came from the dermatologist office. The guy said my skin looks great. And you know, I lost a little bit of weight and I'm keeping it off. And it feels real good. I feel real healthy. Everybody tells me I look fantastic. I'm gonna be 60 years old on Thursday and everybody tells me I look a lot younger than that.

I tell you what, I have a respiratory issue and I have not had any symptoms in a long time. I mean, I haven't had to use an emergency inhaler in, I can't remember...I can't remember."

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Icon Scott - "...I never got sick."
Plano, TX

"My whole family has had a couple of seasonal colds, but I never got sick."

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Icon Eric - blood pressure was 120 over 80!
Mt. Kisco, NY

"I went to the doctor Monday and my blood pressure was 120 over 80!"

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Icon Barbara Jean - ...give me a purpose for living!
Washingtonvle, NY

"The Fruits & Veggies are giving me the energy, which is helping me to do the work that I love to do, which gives me a purpose for living!"

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Icon Antonio - ...he has the energy to be able to do his job...
St. George, UT

"My grandfather says that he has a lot more energy when he wakes up. Every time he wakes up he wakes up a lot happier and with a lot more energy. The entire day he has the energy to be able to do his job and also to be able to do his daily tasks. And also, he feels that he's more active. And so throughout the day he'll feel like he wants to go exercising and on walks and stuff and he feels a lot lighter. Like as if a lot of weight, a lot of body weight has been going, down. Also, he feels that he has different cravings.

He used to have a flash of light in his peripheral vision when he drives, especially at night he'll notice that. He noticed that that was gone! 'Cause he went on a night drive and he noticed that his peripheral vision was perfect. And it had really improved because he noticed that it went away.

Also, he was at risk of getting an official diagnosis of high cholesterol. But he noticed that Balance of Nature really improved his cholesterol level. And he noticed that the numbness in his hand went away too."

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Icon Miriam - It's a BIG TURNAROUND!
Clifton, NJ

"I'm doing good! I'm noticing that I'm able to stand more on my feet. You know, with the MS condition, I'm doing more. I even went driving! You know, I don't over do it, but I go like maybe three times a week. I drive! I'm able to drive because I'm getting strength in my legs. It's a BIG TURNAROUND! my husband is shocked. I can see an improvement. Big improvement!"

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Icon Marita - HDL was 81.
Venice, FL

"I went for my screening and my HDL was 81. My total cholesterol was 177!"

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