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On a daily basis we receive new stories and testimonials from our customers calling in and telling us about their success. It is truly amazing that something as simple as getting whole food everyday can help so many people. We encourage you to call in and talk to your health coach about how your quality of life as improved with Balance of Nature.

Success Stories

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Icon IlaMay - Staying Physically Active
St. George, UT

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Icon Joe - Prostate PSA
New York, NY

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Icon Eric - blood pressure was 120 over 80!
Mt. Kisco, NY

"I went to the doctor Monday and my blood pressure was 120 over 80!"

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Icon Barbara Jean - ...give me a purpose for living!
Washingtonvle, NY

"The Fruits & Veggies are giving me the energy, which is helping me to do the work that I love to do, which gives me a purpose for living!"

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Icon Antonio - ...he has the energy to be able to do his job...
St. George, UT

"My grandfather says that he has a lot more energy when he wakes up. Every time he wakes up he wakes up a lot happier and with a lot more energy. The entire day he has the energy to be able to do his job and also to be able to do his daily tasks. And also, he feels that he's more active. And so throughout the day he'll feel like he wants to go exercising and on walks and stuff and he feels a lot lighter. Like as if a lot of weight, a lot of body weight has been going, down. Also, he feels that he has different cravings.

He used to have a flash of light in his peripheral vision when he drives, especially at night he'll notice that. He noticed that that was gone! 'Cause he went on a night drive and he noticed that his peripheral vision was perfect. And it had really improved because he noticed that it went away.

Also, he was at risk of getting an official diagnosis of high cholesterol. But he noticed that Balance of Nature really improved his cholesterol level. And he noticed that the numbness in his hand went away too."

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Icon Miriam - It's a BIG TURNAROUND!
Clifton, NJ

"I'm doing good! I'm noticing that I'm able to stand more on my feet. You know, with the MS condition, I'm doing more. I even went driving! You know, I don't over do it, but I go like maybe three times a week. I drive! I'm able to drive because I'm getting strength in my legs. It's a BIG TURNAROUND! my husband is shocked. I can see an improvement. Big improvement!"

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Icon Marita - HDL was 81.
Venice, FL

"I went for my screening and my HDL was 81. My total cholesterol was 177!"

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Icon Carol - I would take a dozen a day if I could!
Dumont, NJ

"I would take a dozen a day if I could! They're just a great thing! It's worked for me. It's amazing. Just absolutely amazing!! I don't procrastinate like I used to. If it weren't for Balance of Nature, I'm telling you, I would never be this strong. Never, not in a million years! Anyway, I thank God because it saved my life. It's helped me put both my feet on the ground and go forward. You know, it's just a wonderful thing!"

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Icon John - ...I'm doing better than I did before.
Harwood Hts., IL

"I got a little bit more energy and stuff. It seems like I'm doing pretty good!. I'm pretty happy with it. Seems like I'm doing better than I did before. So, I got no complaints!"

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Icon Stephen - ...I have taken the supplement religiously for two years.
Bayonne, NJ

"‚ÄčThe PT Tech was absolutely amazed at my healing progress. He was told by the surgeon to be careful with me due to the severity of the damage in my shoulder. The PT Tech could not believe the range of painless motion I have achieved in such a short period of time. I immediately informed him of Balance of Nature and how I have taken the supplement religiously for two years...a convinced believer!!!"

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Icon Andy - It's done for my Crohn's Disease what nothing else has done...
Waco, TX

"I'm really happy with it. It's done for my Crohn's Disease what nothing else has done. I had diarrhea every morning for about five years and within two weeks of taking Balance of Nature it cleared that up!"

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Icon Ronald - ...I haven't been sick!
Yonkers, NY

"My knees are great. I tell ya, before I started taking it I couldn't even walk! He's been sick twice, my son. I'm sitting right next to him. He's coughing away. I got nothing! My grandson come over sick, got nothing! I used to get sick all the time. Since I've been taking this stuff, I haven't been sick! It's doing something. I keep on taking it. That's it! I don't care what it cost. It's just a good product!"

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Icon Christopher - Just kinda feel healthy...
Belleville, NJ

"I have been feeling better. I mean, not like I was feeling bad before. It's kind of hard to explain. Just kinda feel healthy, that's the best way I can put it! My mom has been telling me like my skin looks better, like the color of my skin, my eyes."

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Icon Cherie - " phenomenal the product has been for me!"
Yorktown Hts., NY

" phenomenal the product has been for me! I'm normal again, I have energy! I don't have U.D. anymore, Urgent Diarrhea! That's gone!!!"

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Icon William - I don't get sick anymore. It's AMAZING!
Manahawkin, NJ

"I tell you the thing I gotta give you credit for. I bet on a 15 year history, just religiously getting this horrible sinus cold every Thanksgiving like clock work. And this year, this winter I didn't have one cold! Yeah, so I don't know what else to give it credit to other than these Fruits & Veggie tablets. It's made a world of difference! I don't get sick anymore. it's AMAZING!"

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Icon Martin - I'm regular for the first time in like three years...
N. Bellmore, NY

"I feel great. I really am! Well the fiber, I take the fiber. I'm regular for the first time in like three years, you know. I used to have bloating. My stomach's flatter, I feel good. Plus, I used to not sleep good. I'd doze off for 20 minutes, and now I'm conking out for like three hours. And my demeanor, I was a cranky old man and now I'm like hey! Hey!"

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Icon Paul - ...I can actually see things without the glasses!
S. Amboy, NJ

"Pretty much head to toe I'm feeling much better than I was. And for the last five years I've had to wear reading glasses. And it actually has helped my reading where I can actually see things without the glasses! You know, I have to squint a little, but it's definitely an improvement. Definitely better!"

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Icon Emily - It helped me ward off three bouts of flu...
Maple Park, IL

"I do like the product. It helped me ward off three bouts of flu that were in my house and I didn't catch it!"

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Icon Patricia -'s improved my skin.
Brooklyn, NY

"My hands, in the winter, were completely scaly no matter how much creams I put on it. But since I started this, honestly, I've had smooth hands. I mean, it's really unbelievable! So, if anything, it's improved my skin."

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Icon Donald - I don't use my cane!
Brooklyn, NY

"I'm feeling much better, particularly the arthritis I had. I don't have that pain and I have a little more energy. My skin tone, I walk now. I wasn't walking before. I don't use my cane! I'm working out, like going to exercises, you know. Just feeling better over all!"

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