Official Statement From Dr. Howard and Balance of Nature Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Balance of Nature was founded by Dr. Douglas Howard more than twenty years ago for his patients, family, and friends as a way to assist in building a strong health triad and thus improve overall health. Our company has grown rapidly over the years and produced real results for our customers. We love to hear their personal stories of success!

Since the company’s inception, Balance of Nature and Dr. Howard have never claimed that any of our products will diagnose, treat or cure any disease. We do not produce medicine. We do not produce drugs. We produce, well…produce (in a scientifically formulated blend to yield the highest protected, complete nutritional content available).

Last month, when the world hit the panic button on the coronavirus and COVID-19, Dr. Howard emailed a letter to his family and friends, which resulted in a post on his official Facebook page. The letter he posted there was also emailed to all of our customers.

Dr. Howard’s goal was and is to combat the panic gripping people across the world rather than stoke hysteria. His trusted voice broke through the pessimistic chatter to provide genuine hope and comfort.

As a trusted voice regarding health and wellness, Dr. Howard is frequently invited as a guest on talk shows, podcasts, and other media. The respected physician, chiropractor, and medical researcher has shared his informed opinion about the role of our body’s immune system and all of our defenses against disease and illness.

Neither Dr. Howard nor Balance of Nature has ever claimed or opined that our products will diagnose, treat or cure COVID-19.

Dr. Howard’s original letter is now included and represents his official position regarding COVID-19.

Dear friends,

I’ve deliberated over the past few weeks whether to write this letter because I don’t want to add to the pandemonium and hysteria surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. But I’ve reached a point that I feel it’s necessary—and I want to lend a voice of hope and optimism.

Selfishness and paranoia can be a strain on the body’s immune system. COVID-19 may be dominating the news, but it doesn’t need to dominate our lives. I want you to know that I’m not worried. I’m not worried about my 85-year-old mother, my wife, my children, my grandchildren, or myself. And I’m not worried about you if you’re doing what you can do to strengthen your immune system.

In more than 30 years of practice, my stance hasn’t changed on the amazing ability of our immune systems to fight and overcome. It’s important to note that a virus is a mechanism; it’s not alive. Our bodies are designed to fight viruses naturally in these ways:

-Recognizing there is a virus in the body and stopping RNA (virus) interference.
-T cells.
-Fever and mucus production—remember, a fever is your friend.

Because the coronavirus is a viral infection, it cannot be treated with antibiotics or other medications, nor should they be taken as a preventative. The good news is, there are proven ways to build the immune system, and I have 30+ years of experience using them with my patients. I have simplified some of these methods into what I call the Triad of Health. Here are some tips, from each side of the triad, to help you not just survive, but to thrive during this time. These are guidelines we should always follow to bolster the immune system:

Spiritual/Mental Health

-You are what you think.
-Fear and faith cannot coexist. Stay strong! Replace fear with good thoughts, acts, and service.
-Right now people are glued to the news, and it’s increasing the hysteria. Take regular breaks from it.
-Stay social! I don’t recommend kissing strangers, but don’t stop interacting with others. It’s very important to keep good relationships going, including by Skype or phone.
-Stop hoarding. Instead, think about what you can do to help others. Even making an uplifting phone call or smiling at strangers can give you, and others, a boost. Doing this causes a true biochemical reaction in your body that strengthens the immune system.

Chemical Health

-You are what you eat.
-Right now everyone is buying food with long shelf lives, which is typically not healthy.
-Eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day, every day. Load your body with nutrients that will help build your immune system.
-Increase the good, and decrease the bad. Twinkies, ice cream, and bonbons don’t fall in the “good” category.
-Get sunshine. Going outdoors provides visual, mental, and physical stimuli to your system.

Physical Health

-You are what you do.
-Don’t be afraid to be active right now. Exercise is key! However, now is not the time to start a new exercise regime. If you haven’t been exercising, start walking! It’s the best option and not just because the gym is closed.
-Get between seven and eight hours of quality sleep a night. Go to bed early, and don’t sleep in too late.
-It’s true what grandma taught you: wash your hands after you use the bathroom.

You are what you think, eat, and do. Stay logical. As we strengthen each side of the triad, we are boosting our immune system’s natural ability to fight and overcome. It’s easier to put out a spark than a fire.

I have faith that you and your families are safe and healthy. Remember, your health is your responsibility. Stay positive!

Dr. Howard

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We would like to thank our friends and customers for the thousands of responses expressing how this information has been beneficial to them. Please keep posting your positive comments to help lift others during this difficult time. For more information please see the official Balance of Nature press release.