Success Story: Professional Baker Lauren and Her Baby Enjoy Benefits of Balance of Nature

Success Story: Professional Baker Lauren and Her Baby Enjoy Benefits of Balance of Nature

”When I take Balance of Nature, I feel very reassured that our baby girl is getting the nutrition that she needs to grow. . . . And that’s so important to me and gives me that peace of mind that she is healthy and strong, and I love that Balance of Nature can give me that confidence.” —Lauren G.

Lauren, age 28, lives in St. George, Utah, and runs a gourmet protein cookie bakery and food truck, LoLo’s Buff Bakery. Lauren says she is very passionate about health and nutrition, one of the driving forces behind her business. 

Lauren also loves the outdoors, from hiking to horseback riding, she is up for it! She also loves sports, especially playing basketball and, last but not least, her family. Lauren and her husband, Ben, have a little girl on the way! 

Healthy Cookies?

LoLo’s Buff Bakery focuses on health, nutrition, and clean, quality ingredients. “It’s really fun because it gives me a lot of time to focus on my family, which I also care a lot about,” Lauren says.

She created all of their cookie recipes. “They’re macro-based cookies. . . . The protein is really high. I use natural plant-based sweeteners, so Stevia, monkfruit . . . and we use all organic oils that are gluten-free, just making them a good source of nutrition but also satisfying that sweet tooth. The net carbs in the large [size cookie] are about 10 to 11 net carbs, and the smaller cookies have about 3 net carbs.”

Lauren started getting her business into motion about 3-and-a-half years ago because of her passion for health and healthy ingredients. 

“I do a lot of research, and the more research I did, the more I found that products out there just don’t have quality ingredients or they’re using artificial sweeteners or artificial ingredients still and claiming they’re good for you,” she explains. “So my big goal was to create something for myself that was quality that I felt was good—that made me feel good—and that accomplished a goal for me, which was aiding in my nutrition and health.”

In addition, Lauren has experienced health issues, which also inspired her to start the business. “I’ve struggled in the past with a lot of digestive issues, pretty severely, so I noticed my diet played a big part in that,” she shares. “I started eating a lot more clean, and I started making these—you know, I love treats still—so I started making these cookies for myself and slowly I had people ask me about them and ask if I was selling them, and so it just kind of snowballed from there.”

Lauren is currently handling the documentation and management side of things. “I’m basically managing everything,” she says. “I create routes for our food truck. I organize the events and the times and make sure my employees are all on the same page.”

Lauren added that she became really passionate about it and realized that she could help many people with their diet by offering a better option when they have a sweet craving. 

Starting Balance of Nature

Lauren’s passion for health and nutrition also played a role in her decision to take Balance of Nature products. When Lauren’s father, who is a doctor, introduced it to her family, she says she was “immediately in on it.”

“I love everything that it offers. I love how it’s sourced . . . I love how much research has gone into it and just the fact that it’s a whole vegetable, a whole fruit supplement,” she says. “I think it’s like under 10% of Americans get the amount of fruits and vegetables that they need a day, and I don’t think people realize how much of an impact that has on their health. So when I was introduced to it [Balance of Nature], I was just like, ‘Yes! This is a great way to make sure my body is getting the nutrients that it needs.’ I totally trust it. I’ve felt and seen the benefits from it.”

Lauren has been taking Balance of Nature for 3 to 4 years. “The first couple years I was taking it off and on a little bit, but I started taking it more regularly and daily, and that’s actually when I noticed a lot of my digestive issues really going away when I was taking it consistently,” she shares. “I . . . have had a really sensitive stomach, and I am in love with Fiber & Spice that Balance of Nature offers because that has really helped just with that issue that I’ve had. I don’t really struggle with it anymore, and it has made a huge impact on my life.” 

Lauren says she takes Balance of Nature for many different reasons. She has more energy and likes knowing that even if she happens to not eat the best foods throughout the day, she is still getting a good amount of nutrition by taking Balance of Nature. Not to mention, she uses Balance of Nature as her prenatal supplement. 

Balance of Nature Is Her Prenatal

Lauren is about 35 weeks pregnant and uses Balance of Nature as a prenatal supplement. 

She chews the Fruits capsules as a crunchy fruit snack because she enjoys the taste and swallows the Veggies capsules with water. She takes about 8 of each a day. She also takes 2 tablespoons of Fiber & Spice mixed with almond milk and a little extra Stevia or some protein powder. “I’ve taken a higher [amount], and I’ve taken it since I found out that I’ve been pregnant,” LaurenLauren says. “I had taken it before, but I take it a lot more now, and I’ve noticed and felt a big difference.”

Lauren shares that she hasn’t dealt with many pregnancy issues that a lot of women may struggle with.

“I’ve had a really healthy pregnancy, and I’ve felt really good, and I know that’s not the case for a lot of women. And I know a lot of prenatals out there have very synthetic things in them, and so the fact that Balance of Nature provides just whole foods is super important to me. I feel totally confident in how it is supplementing our baby. The doctors have actually told me that her stomach is large, and they say that’s a very good thing and that she’s getting a lot of good nutrition and she’s getting fed very well. I attribute that to Balance of Nature. I think that I’m getting what I need for her.”

Lauren continues, “I know for me, in my pregnancy, taking Balance of Nature has really aided in my health in the fact that I haven’t really struggled with any kind of sickness or anything like that, and I attribute that to getting the vitamins and the [fruits and vegetables], along with the Fiber & Spice that really helps connect everything. I love that. For example, the Fiber & Spice, everything that it contains, ginger, turmeric . . . I haven’t dealt with inflammation in my pregnancy. . . . I’ve benefited from taking Balance of Nature.”

Balance of Nature Gives Lauren Peace of Mind 

Lauren explains that taking Balance of Nature gives her peace of mind in knowing that she and her baby are getting the essential nutrients they need. 

“So one of the things that I also love about Balance of Nature is the peace of mind that it gives me, especially while being pregnant,” she says. “I know that the essential vitamins my baby is getting through taking the Fruits & Veggies along with the Fiber & Spice.”

Lauren further explains how she is a major fan of Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice. “I know that, especially with the Fiber & Spice, it is so helpful just in digestion and absorption and in my body’s ability to absorb these nutrients. You know, digestion is huge in that and syncing all of that. . . . I know that she’s in good hands really, because no matter what, I’m going to provide her with those nutrients that are essential for her.”

Lauren says she trusts Balance of Nature. “I trust Balance of Nature. I’ve done some research into it. My dad is a doctor and has recommended it to me, and he’s done research too. We just love where the fruits and vegetables come from, that they’re whole. . . . And I know the research done behind it by Dr. Howard is extensive. So just everything: where it comes from, how it’s produced, and just the information that they provide of how these vitamins help our bodies.”

Lauren Can Still Do What She Loves with Balance of Nature

Lauren says she loves to do a lot of things, but spending time with her family tops the list. “We love traveling together. We’ve gone to a lot of different countries and different places and have goals in crossing those off,” she shares.

She and her husband also love to go out and eat, as well as play pickleball and hike. “My family, we love just spending quality time together, whether that’s going to the lake and boating, or I’ve grown up riding horses and just riding the horses and going on a trail ride and talking. We love just having good conversations,” she says. 

Travel is another big passion for Lauren and her husband, Ben. “We have a lot of travel goals, and one of them was to cross off traveling to all of the states before we had our first baby, and I’m happy to say that we did that. But traveling is a huge passion of ours; we love seeing different parts of the world.”

Being far along in her pregnancy, Lauren continues to work out at the gym.

“When I go to the gym, I do pretty much what I’ve always done, just at a safer level,” she explains. “I’ll do an amount of cardio, whether it’s the stair-stepper or walking. I walk incline right now . . . I do stretching, and I’ll do weight training. . . . I love doing a combination of things for exercise.” 

“I’ve just been able to feel really good emotionally, and I think that taking Balance of Nature really levels all of those things, and it’s connected to all of those things: our physical, our mental, and our emotional, which are super important in life in general, but especially for me in pregnancy right now. I love that ‘balance’ is in Balance of Nature’s name because it really does help balance your life and all of those key things, and I’ve not really struggled with those things that I think some women do.”

Lauren adds, “I feel like my body is able to handle the changes. I feel like with my hormones and everything that I’m going through, providing that whole food supplement that Balance of Nature offers, it’s really aided in my energy and just being able to still work out. I still go to the gym every day, and I’m still able to do those things that I love and have the energy to do them, even being pregnant when your energy is lower. I’ve just not really had a lot of swelling or edema and things that women struggle with, and I attribute that to Balance of Nature, and I think it’s really given me a positive experience during my pregnancy.”

Lauren’s Passion for Health Started When She Was Young

Lauren shared that she has loved health since she was young. “I contribute my passion for health to my parents because they’re also passionate about health, and they put a lot of effort into nutrition, so I think that plays a huge role in all of that.”

She studied nutrition in college and graduated in the health care field as an X-ray technician. She also says that she was always very active throughout her life. “I played basketball through high school and college, and I just love sports and hiking and just doing things that make me feel good.” 

Lauren says she has been interested in health since middle school and through high school. “For me, I’ve always known that if I take care of my body, my body will be able to take care of me throughout my life.”

Like many of us, being healthy is important to Lauren so she can stay healthy long-term in order to be around for her family and continue participating in the things she loves.

“Being healthy is very important to me,” she shares. “It’s one of the main points of my life. My business is focused around health. Every time I go to the grocery store, I’m a label reader. . . because I’ve done a lot of research in health and, working in the health care field, I have noticed a lot of similar issues that people have is attributed to diet and lifestyle and not getting the good nutrition that our bodies need. My feelings are that it affects our long-term health and, for me, I want to be able to be healthy when I’m older and I want to be able to still do things, and I know taking care of my body now and having good nutrition is going to make it so I can do that and be there for my family. So I am so passionate about nutrition. Everyone who knows me knows that nutrition is huge and I’m a granola girl . . . but I just think that everybody should have good nutrition.”

This is also one reason Lauren is so grateful for Balance of Nature! 

“I love that Balance of Nature, in my goals to live a long healthy life, they really make that easy because I can ensure the nutrition I’m getting every day. It’s fast and it’s easy and it tastes good to me, and so having that confidence is amazing that I can supplement it into my lifestyle to make sure that I can have a good, long, healthy life,” she says. “I think that it could benefit a lot of people who want to take nutrition more seriously and see the positive effects that it could have in their lives in creating a more positive path for them to have a better life further down the road with better health.”

Lauren Recommends Balance of Nature!

Lauren says she would tell her friends or other pregnant women that they can’t go wrong with taking Balance of Nature!

“There’s no way that your body doesn’t need these whole fruits and vegetables every day, and I think it would actually help a lot of people in America with our health issues that continue to be on a rise,” she says. “I think a lot of those would go down if people actually got the recommended fruits and vegetables that they need every day, because it’s just hard to do that.  . . . So being able to take a supplement to make sure you’re still getting those vitamins is huge, and I would totally recommend Balance of Nature and let them know that it's an easy and reassuring way that they’re getting the nutrients that they need for their baby.”

Fiber & Spice Is Her Favorite!

“I love Fiber & Spice,” Lauren says. “I love that Balance of Nature is just straight, whole, natural spice that really benefits our body and so, knowing that about the Fiber & Spice, it’s the only thing that has really worked for me and has given me positive results. And because of that, I incorporate the Fiber & Spice into our Maple and Glaze Pumpkin Cookie that we sell out of [our] nutritional bakery. And the Fiber & Spice is amazing! It tastes good to me and everything that it provides is essential to our bodies—there's nothing in it that’s not, so I love utilizing it and offering it to my customers and people that are also struggling with digestive things.”

Consistency Is Key

Lauren takes Balance of Nature every day and says that really makes a difference in the results she sees. 

“I noticed Balance of Nature impacting me probably just the more consistent I was with it, which was probably like a couple months after taking it, and I know for a fact that it’s giving me more energy,” she says. “And I know with the vitamins, and the vegetables, and the fruits that it provides that I have a better mood and I’m stabilized that way. I know that it affects every aspect of my life. When your body is getting what it needs, everything else functions like it should and so, for me, the consistency of taking Balance of Nature, I noticed that it was doing those things for me. . . . My body has a good defense system because it’s getting the nutrients that it needs from Balance of Nature.”

If you’re like Lauren and appreciate good nutrition, try Fruits & Veggies and Fiber & Spice and experience the difference for yourself! 

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