Success Story: Noreen Enjoys Her Retirement with Balance of Nature

Success Story: Noreen Enjoys Her Retirement with Balance of Nature

“I am 100% committed to Balance of Nature,” Noreen says. “I speak to many people about it, and I recommend it to everyone, absolutely everyone. It can only make your life better, healthier.”

Noreen, 75 years old, is a retired elementary school teacher. She has been married for over 50 years to Richard, and they have 3 grown children. 

Noreen’s husband also takes Balance of Nature. “He’s been on board with Balance of Nature since I started. He’s a 9/11 survivor, and I worried for him, and I felt that this was something that I could give him that would keep him healthy and stay strong and okay. And he’s been taking it with me—I notice the endurance is there, I noticed the brain abilities are still there. I mean, he just cut down trees and prepared wood for next winter for us. He’s still going at 76!”

Noreen says they are committed to taking Balance of Nature and will stay with it for life! 

Transitioning from Career to Retirement with the Help of Balance of Nature

Noreen taught elementary school for 35 years before she retired. She worked with special needs children and loved it! She still does volunteer work with students. In her words, she was very energetic and involved when she was in school. Noreen was also a morning counselor, was a pioneer of a science program, and did after-school activities. 

“I love my career,” she says. “So happy that I was able to find this and to think this is what I did for my life. There never was a day I had to take off because I just had too much; I loved teaching. Worried about what I was going to do once I retired. Was I going to slow down? Was I going to be like my mom and dad and sit home and watch TV all afternoon?” 

When retirement came, Noreen was worried about what she would do next, so she and her husband were on the search for adventure and found a variety of things they could enjoy doing as they aged. Balance of Nature helps them accomplish it all!

“I feared,” Noreen shares. “What am I going to do? Is my energy level going to be high enough? And I discovered, through a commercial, Balance of Nature. And it’s just made a whole difference in retirement. At 75, I thought I might be sitting in a chair reading a book and not doing much. Instead, we are out, we are traveling, we are working with people. I cook two days a week for families that need help and deliver food with them. I spend time with them, crocheting, bridge club—we keep going! It’s more than 9 to 5 and it's wonderful, and I attribute most of this to the fact that we changed our lifestyle to Balance of Nature and balanced food—removed the junk, removed the carbohydrates, and just a healthy way of living now, and we’re here. I’m here.”

Noreen continues, “Retirement for some people is a time to just stop, be home, watch some TV, read a book, that's my dad. Never went to that. Always looked for doing and going and being. Taking these capsules has given me the opportunity to experience life. At 75! I’m still going and doing. We’re hiking, we’re playing, we’re going out. It’s just a wonderful experience, and I feel healthy. We’ve just finished a couple of very serious years, no incidents, and I have to attribute it to something, and I'm attributing it to Balance of Nature.” Her brother also tried it and is recommending it.

“I am 100% committed to Balance of Nature,” she adds. “I speak to many people about it, and I recommend it to everyone, absolutely everyone. It can only make your life better, healthier.”

Noreen Lives a Balanced Lifestyle

Noreen explains that she is sure to eat healthy, stay connected socially, help those in need, and set aside time for peace to maintain balance in her life. 

“My lifestyle is a very balanced lifestyle,” she says. “I believe in eating healthy food; I believe in staying socially a part of the community and helping people who need help. . . . To me, this ‘giving back’ is the best thing I can do in my life. It feels so good to know I’m helping them and that they appreciate me, and the friendships that I’ve developed are just amazing. I absolutely—I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop. So, I believe there is a balance. And then the meditative peace, in the evening . . . and I crochet. We’ll watch a game . . . but when I crochet, I can sit and I can just calm myself. I can get everything working and grooving and work on the next day and things that are going to happen, but my life has that full peace to it that makes me feel good.”

Noreen is a big fan of eating whole foods—skin to seed. She and Richard even have an organic garden of their own! 

“Spring is coming and we do garden. We grow organically produced vegetables . . . and we take our time with our soil. We make sure our soil is exactly appropriate to what the plant needs. We care for it all summer, and when it's ready for picking, it’s 100% natural, it's organic, we use every piece of it. We don’t throw anything away. I clean, I prepare everything in sauces and stuff so that we can eat it. Our tomatoes are amazing—our tomato plants look like trees, they’re so large! They really were. And even with all the vegetables that we do eat, it’s not enough.” she says.

Discovering Balance of Nature

Noreen watches Fox TV to know what’s going on in the world, and that’s where she heard a Balance of Nature commercial. 

“The commercial where Dr. Howard explains to you what comes from each fruit or vegetable, and then you see the other commercial where you watch the process and you see how clean and pure it is. You just have to try it. It is something that I’m looking for. If I could do it myself, I would, and I can’t, so it's just amazing. Those commercials are really—they do hit home,” she says.

Noreen says the thing she likes about Balance of Nature is it includes the whole fruit or vegetable, just as Dr. Howard* mentioned eating the skin in the commercial. 

Noreen and Richard take Balance of Nature each morning. “You feel a difference if you do.” So they take it every day and will sometimes add it to their smoothies. 

“I’m just very happy with my life,” Noreen says. “I’m happy, so happy I was a teacher, that I was able to change lives. I still speak to my students. . . . I stay connected with a lot of my kids because they went from educational problems to successful people, and I’m just so proud of them and I let them know."

Experiencing the Difference

Noreen says the first thing she noticed after starting Balance of Nature was the difference in her hair, then her energy level and brain function.

“My hair had a shine to it that it didn’t have before,” she explains. “I have fine hair, so it’s a little bit more challenging but it’s better. I noticed my energy level—much improved, could go longer, could just continue doing what I had to do and didn’t feel the fatigue."

In fact, Noreen noticed such a difference that she called us to express her thanks! “I started with Balance of Nature years ago . . . and immediately, I’d say, within about 3 months, started to feel different. My nails started to feel stronger, my hair started to feel thick, everything felt better. And so, I’m a person who calls and says thank you . . . and I called and I spoke with a girl, and I told her how pleased I was with everything that was going on. And then, afterward, I just kept getting better, it just kept getting better.”

Enjoying Their Hobbies: Bridge and Crocheting

The energy Balance of Nature gives her also allows her to enjoy their hobbies.

“We started a bridge group,” she shares. “We work with the local restaurant who gives us a community room, probably 16 of us. We meet on Fridays from 9 to 12 and we play. Absolutely love the game—I am a bridge master in case you needed to know.”

Noreen continues, “I also crochet; I’ve been crocheting for over 50 years. In my time of meditation and relaxation I pick it up and I crochet blankets for unwed mothers. . . . To me, all this is just giving back for being healthy. And then, we started gardening! And we have a greenhouse now, we’ve already planted our seeds inside . . . and we’ve been very successful with it. It's a nice hobby. . . . It’s just so peaceful outside gardening and we produce a lot of food so I’m able to give food to people, which is another really good thing.”

Experience the Difference Whole Fruits and Vegetables Can Make!

It isn’t a secret that maintaining a balanced life and getting all the nutrition your body needs to function isn’t always easy. Balance of Nature makes it easier to incorporate more whole fruits and vegetables into your diet. Fuel your day and fuel your life with Balance of Nature, and experience the difference. Order today and try it for yourself! Learn more at 

Watch Noreen’s Success Story video on YouTube.