Success Story: Martha Lives a Colorful Life With Balance of Nature

Success Story: Martha Lives a Colorful Life With Balance of Nature

“Balance of Nature has given me a colorful life!” —Martha K.

Martha is an 80-year-old artist who has had a very busy year. Balance of Nature helps supply the energy she needs to experience a colorful life.

“I believe in it [Balance of Nature] 100%,” she says. “I really do.” She said she felt a difference with it right away.

Martha has been taking Balance of Nature for over a year and liked it so much that she sent some to her nephew so he could get more nutrition.

“I want to say I felt the effects sort of day one, whether that was psychological from day one, but I really did,” Martha shares. “Because, you know, I try to eat right. I really don’t eat right. And of course, you can never eat all the fruits and vegetables that your body requires, so the older you get, you know, the more energy you need. And I’ve always been a busy, busy person and so I probably put too much on my plate this year, so I needed more energy.”

Martha enjoys creating art, cooking, acting in community plays, and doing genealogy work, in addition to participating in service organizations.

“So I have a really, really busy life and it requires energy, and I believe that as you get older, you know, your energy sort of diminishes. So I take Balance of Nature and I wouldn’t miss taking it. I do believe that Balance of Nature has helped me retain the energy that I need to have in order to live life to the fullest. I hope that, you know, when I’m 103 that I’ll still be taking Balance of Nature because it’s helping me to live out an enjoyable, rewarding life, you know? And it takes a lot of energy to do all the things and . . . to just be involved in life. And so I believe in taking it,” she shares.

Martha’s Full Year

Martha is a Regent for the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). DAR is a national voluntary service organization with thousands of members. Martha is part of the Brunswick Town Chapter with 181 regents/members. 

“You know, it keeps you busy, but it’s very, very rewarding to help people,” she says. “My Chapter alone this past year, we worked over 5,000 hours of volunteer service hours to the community.”

Martha explained that in order to be part of the DAR, one has to show they have an ancestor who was a patriot in the Revolutionary War. So far, Martha has traced back and found 5 ancestors who were patriots that fought in the Revolutionary War. She also discovered other interesting connections through her love of genealogy, like relations to Johnny Cash and some senators from South Carolina.

Martha participates in her community in various ways.

“I’ve been in plays, I do all the church bulletins every week, and do all the correspondence for my church, I work the election polls. . . . I’m in a culinary cooking club, I paint, take art lessons. Just stay busy!”

“All of these things that I do require energy and require me feeling as good as I can feel, so I’m going to always take your Balance of Nature,” she says.

Balance of Nature Plays a Part

Martha says Balance of Nature helps her in many ways.

“I love Balance of Nature,” she says. “I think not only does it give me energy and I sleep better, but also in community theater. I really think it helps me to be able to remember my lines because . . . if you get older, and I’m 80 . . . I think you’re going to slow down a little bit, and I think it’s just kept me back where I want it to be, and I am able to remember my lines. So that’s good. And I’ve said it helps me sleep better; it does. And I know my body is getting nutrients that it needs. And so I’m very well pleased with the product.”

Martha says she wouldn’t be telling people that she benefits from Balance of Nature if she didn’t really believe it.

Martha has been in theater since she was young. She starred as the little red hen in The Little Red Hen in 1st grade. She played Alice in Alice in Wonderland, Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, and appeared in various other plays through high school.

She recently performed in a local play. “It’s based on Saturday Night Live and it’s . . . called Love from Winding River. And so it’s little segments, little vignettes of different acts. And I play this obnoxious, overbearing woman who’s trying to—in the community, there’s only 1 man for every 7 women, so we’re trying to get this man to move into the community. And so it’s a cute, funny play. . . . We sort of customize it to our area and the people here. So it’s fun.”

An Artist at Heart

Martha used to work at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, negotiating with unions and taking care of art handlers in human resources, and she’s now an artist herself!

“I love art, and I love just the feeling that you get, the creative expression,” she says. “I’m probably, you know, a little definitely out there in terms of what I think is funny, but I love color.”

Martha joined an organization that tries to help underdeveloped countries by offering them work in manufacturing products. Martha is one of many designers that upload their art onto their website so it can be used to manufacture clothing and other items.

She believes she got these passions from her family. “My mother painted, my daddy painted, you know. . . . So I do believe genetically that what you do in life, you’re sort of inclined from your genes and, you know, my dad used to like to write a lot, too. My grandfather was in a Shakespeare traveling show. I think I’ve inherited some of that interest in the theater and just creating, being creative, creative activities.”

Martha says she likes art because it makes her feel good.

“Well, I think . . . in today’s time, everybody can get very stressed with everything that’s going on,” Martha says. “And, of course, just life, you know. Everybody has their ups and downs and, when I paint, or when I write, I feel good. When I do genealogy, I feel good. I feel like I know these people, so it’s a release that you have. It’s just a creative release. And I feel so good, I make custom greeting cards for people based on their life and using their pictures . . . So I find it keeps me mentally healthy and makes my life more fun.”

Martha says she paints very whimsical, folk art paintings, or what one might call modern art.

“I love color. I love the unusual,” she says. “I have one particular group of paintings that I do faces, and I use different themes for the face. Every feature of the face is something.”

For instance, one of her paintings is a male whose hair is made up of handbags, and another has a face made up of all golf items. She even did a painting for her dentist, in which everything on the face is related to dental equipment! Martha says she always emphasizes a lot of color. 

“I get a real creative release when I do paintings, and I love sometimes to write poetry and incorporate that into a painting,” she explains. “And people laugh, you know, at my work. They said, ’We’d like to see inside your brain!’ But that’s just the way my brain works, and I enjoy it.”

Age Is Just a Number!

Martha advises getting as much out of life as you can get!

“Honestly, the older you get, most people will tell you, no matter how healthy you are, your memory is going to decline just a little bit, you know, your energy level, your stamina,” she explains. “But I honestly, I don’t feel my age and I probably don’t act my age. But I find that honestly, Balance of Nature has allowed me to retain that level of energy that I need to be able to do and enjoy all the things that I enjoy doing.”

She adds, “We’re here to enjoy life and get the most out of it. So I do believe in Balance of Nature.”

More Energy with Balance of Nature

Martha says she was always someone who had a lot of energy, but as she got older, she realized she might need some help.

“And that’s when I turned to Balance of Nature because it does give me energy,” she says. “I tell all of my friends about it!” 

Martha continues, “I know that I could never eat all the fruits and vegetables that they say your body needs. I just don’t have time. I just wouldn’t do that. I don’t have a big enough refrigerator properly, so this is what I’ve done and I’m just having a ball in life. And I love to be a part of life, and that may sound strange, but I want to always be in life and do the best that I can do. Look the best that I can look for my age, you know. I know I’m not going to ever look again like I did when I was 30. But I can at least look as good as I can, and of course that is a big part of your looks. It’s based on your health.”

Martha explained that she also just recently tried using the capsules for a facial!

“I read in one of your advertisements about taking the capsules and making a paste and doing the facial. Well, I did that. I tried it so, you know, I think my face looks brighter. So it, you know, it really worked. It was kind of fun to do. Mix it up into a paste and put it on. . . . So Balance of Nature has a lot of different uses.”

Not only does Balance of Nature help Martha have more energy and sleep better, it also allows her to have more time for the things she wants to do.

“You know, I have more time to do the things that I enjoy, like painting or writing or poetry or making custom cards or whatever I do, and of course my favorite thing is to play with my dog,” Martha shares. “I play with my dog all the time. She’s very special to me and, you know, she’s a Facebook star. . . . So that takes a lot of energy.”

Martha Recommends Balance of Nature to Others

When people tell her they aren’t feeling good, don’t have energy, or have a hard time remembering their lines, Martha will recommend Balance of Nature to them.

“You got to try it,” she’d say. “Take it and you’d be amazed.” 

Martha adds that Balance of Nature is very convenient, especially if you lead a busy life. “I know that I would never, ever take the time to even try to eat all the fruits and vegetables that were needed,” she says. “In a busy life schedule, you also need convenience, and what’s more convenient than taking the capsules? So I tell all my friends that, you know, I promise you I wouldn’t be here saying what Balance of Nature has given to me and done for me if I didn’t believe it. One hundred percent, I do believe it works. I do believe it’s helped me. I believe it would help anybody, young or old, if they need that little boost. Just something to make sure they’re getting the best out of life and they’re healthy.” 

Everything Requires Energy 

“Everything that I do, you know, takes energy. . . . I feel like you’re inside, your physical, has got to feel good to be able to create. And, you know, if you don’t feel good, if you have low energy or aren’t sleeping well. You know that’s gonna be reflected in the life that you live. And I sleep better. I feel better. . . . I’m so happy, you know, with my life now, so happy to be able to express myself. I enjoy people. All of the things that you do in life take energy. I mean, if you don’t have the energy, you’re not going to be able to do very much in life. I think energy is the life force and the life force. . . . Balance of Nature, I think that it has given me that feeling of just exuberance and happiness and loving creating love. My paintings love life in general. You know, I thank Balance of Nature for it.”

Martha is able to love a colorful life with the help of Balance of Nature! If you could use more energy and more fruits and vegetables in your life, try Balance of Nature. Visit to learn more.