Success Story: Mark and Jo Ann Gastineau Get Their Fruits and Vegetables from Balance of Nature

Mark and Jo Ann Gastineau take Balance of Nature together daily to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diets. Mark is a former professional football player of the National Football League (NFL). He played defensive end for the New York Jets from 1979-1988 and was ranked 8th greatest pass rusher in NFL history! Mark and Jo Ann have been married for 15 years and have taken Balance of Nature for 10 years. Jo Ann was also Mark’s caretaker when he was undergoing health struggles and shared her own success previously with Balance of Nature in a commercial.

They Believe in Balance of Nature

Jo Ann said many people asked her about Balance of Nature after her commercial. She said she would respond that she wouldn’t have done it if she didn’t believe in it. “I’ve taken it for over 10 years. I’ve never done any other commercials, here I am, and it’s because of Balance of Nature,” she explains. 

“It’s something I believe in because you’ve gotta have enough fruits and vegetables. And when you’re married to him [Mark], you’ve got to have lots of fruits and vegetables,” she joked. “I still believe that the fruits and vegetables, the Balance of Nature, is what keeps me going because if I’m not healthy, how am I going to take care of him?”

Mark and Jo Ann even send Balance of Nature to their family across the country because of how seriously they believe in it. 

Mark says, “It’s like we did them a favor. It’s like a coach telling you a special move, like a spin move. And all of a sudden, you think about it, you do the spin move, and it works. Fruits and vegetables work! Balance of Nature works! Hey, how can you beat that?”

“By the way, everyone thinks we’re making money off this. We’re not making money off of it. The reason we’re doing it is because we want to help you, and that is the truth.” he adds. “Why not take something that’s gonna make you feel better, gonna make you look better. . . . It doesn’t make sense not to take it. Go buy it!” 

Mark says Balance of Nature has given him back more than one could ever imagine. “We do it because we believe in the product,” he says.

Fruits and Vegetables Are Important

“It’s helped me because it’s a way to get fruits and vegetables; fruits and vegetables are very important,” Jo Ann says.

She continues, “On a serious note, when we started taking Balance of Nature, it’s been over 10 years. My husband heard it on the radio, and I was like, ‘I don’t know about this fruits and vegetables. It’s another thing somebody’s trying to sell.’ And we started taking it and I’m not here to say, ‘I take Balance of Nature, and I’m gonna go run a marathon.’ What it does do is, I said it before, and I’m saying it now, and I’ll say it all the time: I do not get enough fruits and vegetables. I like fruits and vegetables, but you know what, how many salads can I make? How many soups can I make? And you [can] still have that. Go ahead and have your soups and your salads and your vegetables, but you know the good thing about it is now you’re getting extra fruits and vegetables on top of that. It’s all-natural. That’s all I can say.”

Mark also reiterated how important it is to get fruits and vegetables daily: “It is about . . . taking it on a day-to-day level, don’t miss taking your fruits and vegetables because you know what, if you don’t take Balance of Nature and you just say, ‘I’m going to take fruits and vegetables out of the store,’ you’re gonna miss. You’re not gonna take it all the time, so take it from Dr. Howard, take it from Balance of Nature, and take it from me, Mark Gastineau, number 99!”

Feel Better! Try It!

Mark promises you’ll feel better taking Fruits & Veggies. 

“So now my wife and I have been taking them together, and we both feel it when we don’t take them,” Mark explains. “You guys out there . . . if you feel like you’re missing something and you really don’t have the umph, like you have when you get a sack, you just don’t have it, you just don’t feel it, you gotta take your fruits and vegetables. Get together, buy fruits and vegetables—Balance of Nature—buy it! Get it! You can order it online and get it within a few days, and I’ll promise ya you’re gonna feel better. I can only go on my wife and I, that’s my promise. . . . If you take it and you take it religiously, you’re gonna feel better. So, you know what, don’t even take the chance of not feeling better.”

Mark says, “Keeping up with her, okay, you definitely have to take fruits and vegetables, because if you don’t take your fruits and vegetables, you’re gonna be left behind, and I don’t wanna be left behind. . . . Balance of Nature kind of goes hand in hand, we both take them and we both are healthy, and we both believe in them. And it’s something that, you know what, if you’re out there and you’re lacking and you don’t feel like you got something that you really can put your finger on, it’s probably that you’re not taking enough fruits and vegetables.”

“I’m strong and I feel good,” Mark says.

If you are lacking fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, take Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies to get the nutrition your body needs. Visit to learn more and order today! 

Watch Jo Ann’s Success Story video here:
Jo Ann & Mark Gastineau Balance of Nature Story (TV Commercial)