Success Story: John Has Taken Balance of Nature for over 20 Years!

Success Story: John Has Taken Balance of Nature for over 20 Years!

“I would invite you guys to come back when I’m 85, and I think I’m going to be just in the same physical shape that I am today. That’s what I think about Balance of Nature. I think it preserves me, makes me feel good health-wise.” —John H.

John is in his seventies and enjoying retirement in North Carolina after having a full career and family life. He has 3 grandchildren. Balance of Nature helps him have the energy to tackle his active days. John has taken Balance of Nature for over 20 years!

Jersey Boy to Working Man

John is enjoying retirement in North Carolina but used to be a career man in a busy city!

“This has been a delight living down here,” he shares. “Getting away from the hectic busyness of the city, the north and things. That’s the place to work. But when you go and retire, it’s not the place to live. . . . For me, it’s heaven. I’m a beach person. We had the good fortune [that] my family had Jersey Shore homes and their rentals and things, so all my childhood growing up was at the beach for the summers and sometimes a little bit beyond that. And I kept saying to myself, boy, that’s what I want to do, and here I am.”

John was raised in New Jersey most of his childhood. 

“So grew up there as a kid and then started migrating a little bit west of Jersey as my career developed and opportunities to get bigger homes and nicer areas. So yeah, been a Jersey guy for a lot of years.”

John first worked in the packaging machinery business then moved to work for Mobil Oil where he got to travel all over. 

“I worked for 16 years. I worked in the chemical side as a technical role. And after that, I went to work for a Japanese multinational company that’s located up in Rhode Island and worked for them for 30 years. First starting out very short time in the technical side; then, it became sales, in charge of sales, and then I was the head of marketing when I retired.” 

John says he got to work with a very interesting and diverse clientele.

“You know, I had a wonderful time. I enjoyed doing it. Sometimes my memory is not as good and sharp as it should be. I would say that I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have had the opportunities between Mobil . . . and to go through that career path was really neat. And as I said, the broad customer base and the people I had opportunities to meet and the events I got a chance to go to and the traveling that I did, so pretty interesting, and the marketing side again, many of the products and marketplaces we have were well-established.”

“Looked at some really large acquisitions, some very well-known companies in industries, which was very interesting. Diving into that industry and learning about it, which was new for our company because it was, again, taking it someplace completely different, cool,” he shares.

Needing a Boost

John first saw Balance of Nature in a commercial. “It was the commercial, I believe, that I saw 27 years ago that prompted me to try it. And then when I understood a little bit more about how they’re making the product and there are no ingredients that I should be concerned about, just seemed easy to take and the effects were very positive. You know, so it’s been a really good story from the time that I started it, and again I didn’t start it until I was 50. But yeah, it’s 24 years ago.”

He and his wife are very active, so they would often do things together such as riding bikes. John said he was starting to feel sluggish, but Balance of Nature has helped him keep active and have the energy to work. 

He shares, “Bike riding was big for us back in New Jersey—mountain biking, things like that, and I enjoyed it, but I felt that I was falling back a little bit. The other thing is work. I have had, all my life, a very strong work ethic. . . . I [was] in at 6:30 in the morning. I [would be] there till 6:30 at night, and it’s not because somebody’s telling me I need to be there. I’m just that enthusiastic about the work that I’ve done in my career. And so it [Balance of Nature] gave me that kind of energy to do that. I never felt tired or exhausted from that. I lived in New Jersey, but I commuted up to Rhode Island and had an apartment up there. But I’d come occasionally back and forth during the week and that’s 210 miles one way, 210 miles back, and on top of the work day. So I truly believe that Balance of Nature helped me with that. And as I kept going, I kept feeling good, and I said, ‘I’m not gonna stop this.’”

John wanted to test whether the difference he experienced was mental or really Balance of Nature helping him, so he stopped taking the product for a period of time. After about 5 weeks he started feeling rundown! As a result, John started taking Balance of Nature again and said that after about 2 weeks he started getting his energy level back.

“So I’m a very big supporter of that product,” he says. “Anybody that will listen to me, I tell them about it and, yeah, I think it’s wonderful and in my understanding it’s just basic vegetables and fruits. . . . What better thing to take?”

John adds, “One thing that pops in my head when I see the commercials, how many disclaimers are there about these [pharmaceuticals] and cure-alls that they have, and the first part of the commercial is 3 minutes. Telling you what it does for you and in the next 5 minutes of the commercial is telling you the things it could potentially harm you. I don’t remember ever seeing that on Balance of Nature; there’s nothing there that can harm you. It’s all good.” 

Success with Balance of Nature

John says Balance of Nature helps him have the ability to do things such as exercise at the gym, ride his bike, or go for a swim at the beach. 

“My ability to be active, have energy to do things. I’m 74 years old, you know, and I don’t think of myself as a kid, but I don’t think of myself as a 74-year-old person. You know, more maybe 60,” he says. “I enjoy activity, and am I as fast and sharp as I was 10 years ago? No. But I’m still thinking. I would invite you guys to come back when I’m 85, and I think I’m going to be just in the same physical shape that I am today. That’s what I think about Balance of Nature. I think it preserves me, makes me feel good health-wise . . . Maybe it’s genes. But I think that Balance of Nature, that concentration of vegetables, which we hear all our life, how good they are for you, and fruit, it does something and does a really great job. I won’t give it up.” 

John continues, “I just feel good. I feel energized. I feel like I want to do something, I mean. This past week and a half, so my wife and I powerwashed the front of the house, the back of the house, then I took down the 30-foot tree in the backyard down here the next day, cut that up, stacked the wood, and then I just yesterday took everything out of the garage. Powerwashed the garage and the driveway. You know, I don’t think typically that’s something somebody does at 74 years old. And to me, it was nothing and it just, you know, something I wanted to do. Was I a little achy afterwards? Yeah, but not exhausted, not tired. . . . I look forward to those things; I enjoy doing those things.”

Johns Enjoys His Active Lifestyle

John says he sees a really consistent success with taking Balance of Nature and he feels good! He is able to participate in an active lifestyle and tries to exercise 7 days a week.

“I feel very good,” he says. “You know, my wife and I go to the gym 7 days a week. We sometimes miss a day. . . . For me, it’s an hour, hour and 10 minutes there. For her, it’s 2 1/2 hours or so.” 

For exercise, John will usually do some weights then walk on the treadmill. If the weather’s nice, he will add on a bike ride or a swim! He says his neighborhood is large enough to ride around 12 to 15 miles, or he will bike at the beach, a 36-mile ride. 

“Now I’m not out there like a cyclist who’s, you know, just speeding along in the gear and everything,” he explains. “I’m enjoying the scenery and everything else, but I do it. The ability to go to the beach, go in the water. I love the water. I love to go for a swim. I used to be a surfer, not a surfer anymore. But so anything associated with that is great! And again, I think feeling the way that I do gives me the ability to do those things, and . . . I’m not going to stop until I can’t, and I don’t think that’s in the near future. I think I’m going to continue to feel the way that I do and continue to go and enjoy life, enjoy activity.”

John’s Ideal Retirement

John says his ideal retirement life is to maintain what he’s doing today and be able to do the things he wants to.

“I’ve retired at 70, which is a long time for somebody to work,” he shares. “I had no physical issues whatsoever, just that seventies seemed like it was maybe the right time, but there were no physical problems that I had and I came down here and quickly got into the things that I’m doing. No longer had the distraction of needing to get to the office or needing to attend another meeting or talk to some customer. And initially when I started that, I thought I would get bored really quick. I’m not bored. I’m enthusiastic about this lifestyle; I love it. I’m not doing the same thing, but every bit of it is as busy as I was when I was working in terms of my full days. Life is good and, like I said, come back when I’m 85. This lifestyle is wonderful.”

Benefiting All That He Can from Balance of Nature

John has many activities he likes to be involved in, and Balance of Nature helps him do them with enthusiasm and energy! John says he’s even recommended Balance of Nature to some friends. 

“There are many activities down here that I enjoy doing, and I credit Balance of Nature for giving me the energy level and the health to do those activities,” he says.

John concludes, “You know, I’ve been taking it for so long. I don’t know . . . [when to] say okay here at this point, this is what it [Balance of Nature] is doing for me, where earlier it maybe was a little bit different at the time. But at the end of the day, I don’t feel that I would be doing the things that I’m doing today had I not found Balance of Nature and taken it religiously and to have the health that I have, the energy that I have, and the enjoyment that I have with living down here.”

“It’s helping in such a way that I don’t want to stop,” he says. “I don’t believe that I’ll ever stop. And once again, I think at 85, I prepared to have this commercial once again to promote how much I believe in the product and how successful it’s been.”

If you could use more energy to enjoy life and do the things that you love like John, try Balance of Nature and experience the difference for yourself. Learn more at