Success Story Feature—Ted F.

Success Story Feature—Ted F.

“I liked that idea [of whole fruits and vegetables] because now you're getting the whole spectrum,” customer Ted F. explains. “I was always looking at it saying, ‘Well, it's not just taking vitamin C, A, or B—it’s the combination of everything that works that's going to keep you healthy.’ . . . That’s why I started.”

Ted is a family guy through and through. He was born and raised on Long Island. He and his wife have 3 kids and 2 grandkids. Ted owns 2 companies: one in payment processing for 30 years and the other in industrial supply for 15 years. He also enjoys competitive shooting. 

Family Life

Ted says he was taught growing up to always work hard. “I started out doing a paper route as a kid, and I have been going ever since.” He says that his life has always been focused around family. “We’re the group that does the Sunday dinners. I believe that we put the cell phones away and we actually talk during Sunday dinner. As far as being passionate about certain things . . . family’s first.”

He says his family is very patriotic, being involved in the American Legion, Marine Corps, Polish National Home , and more. 

“Grandkids, you love them to death, but it does kind of put you in your place.” Ted shares that the step meter on his phone shows the number of steps being much higher than usual when his grandkids visit. 

“You do notice the difference when you get a little bit older—not saying I'm old—a little bit older.”

Ted says he heard Balance of Nature commercials on the radio for about a year before ordering. “It took a while. . . . I’m the type of person—I don't take anything normally . . . but after a while it sort of sunk in that it’s just fruits and vegetables—it’s not vitamins, it's not drugs, it's not whatever.”

Positive Changes After Trying Balance of Nature

Ted says his main reason for finally ordering Balance of Nature was because he is on the road all the time and doesn’t eat healthy. He thought the fruits and vegetables would be healthy for him. 

“I started taking it and, just from a healthy standpoint, I looked and I said, ‘Okay I’m feeling good, I have a little bit more energy,’ but one of the things I started to notice more and more was my eye health.” He explains he didn’t need his glasses as much when shooting at the range, driving, or watching TV. “It’s not something that happens overnight, it was just gradually—little changes.” 

As for the little boost of energy he noticed, Ted said: “For me, my boost in energy was [that] I’m not coming home at night, sitting on the couch, and watching the TV through my eyelids. I was staying awake more. That was the first thing. . . . From then on out, . . . one of the big things that I noticed with the product, for me, was that as I was into it [for] a number of months, I started wearing my glasses less and less . . . Over time my eye health was actually getting better.”

Ted takes 4 Fruits and 4 Veggies capsules each morning but will increase it if he starts to feel under the weather or run-down.

“If I feel myself getting a little under the weather, I increase my intake. It helps me get over that hump, and I keep going. It’s a way of getting rid of that sluggishness, it's a way of getting rid of the run-down feelings, and it's worked for me.”

Natural Is Best

Ted shares that he didn’t eat the way he should while on the road. When he heard that Balance of Nature had whole fruits and vegetables in it, he liked that. 

“My mom used to tell me that [most of] a sweet potato’s [nutrients] are in the skin . . . so when I heard that about the product . . . I liked that idea [of whole fruits and vegetables] because now you're getting the whole spectrum. I was always looking at it saying, ‘Well, it's not just taking vitamin C, A, or B—it’s the combination of everything that works that's going to keep you healthy.’ . . . That’s why I started.”

Ted has told his friends about Balance of Nature and has shared it with them. He says he hasn’t heard a bad word about it! 

“Coming from me, I’m always going down the natural route versus the manmade route,” he explains. “Aches and pains, things like that . . . I take natural things. . . . But with Balance of Nature, the thing that pulled me in is the combination. It's the interaction between those [nutrients], or whatever is in fruits or vegetables, that reacts with your body.”

Ted says if cavemen were eating naturally and lived on it, then we can too.

He says another big reason he ordered Balance of Nature was because he thought increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in his diet would be good for him:

“If I could do that every day, I’ll get the fruits and the vegetables that I’m not going to eat in the normal course of my day. That would be good for me.”

Ted’s Hobbies

Other than work and spending time with family, Ted volunteers and participates in competitive shooting.

Ted got his first BB gun from his dad when he was a kid, and when he was about 16 he got into hunting with his cousin. Ted started competitive shooting around age 21. All the members of his bowling team at the time shot competitively, so he got his pistol license and has been shooting competitively ever since. 

“I love it,” he shares. “It’s a team sport, but yet it's individual. I could compare it to bowling. . . . It fits into my schedule because I can go at 3 o'clock in the morning if I want, but I can do it just in my spare time, it doesn't take that long, and I have fun with it.”

Not needing glasses as much has also helped in this aspect of his life. “When I started shooting years ago, I never wore glasses, I didn’t need them. As I got older, the glasses came. . . . But in the last few years, I don't really wear the prescription glasses to shoot.”  

He continues, “You know, I think just being healthier, and I think the fruits and vegetables just make me healthier. It’s worked for me.”

You don’t have to be a competitive shooter to take Balance of Nature! Everyone could use more fruits and vegetables in their life. Try Balance of Nature for yourself! Learn more at