Success Story Feature—Michael C.

Success Story Feature—Michael C.

“This is the greatest product I have ever taken,” Michael shares. “I don’t say that lightly. I say that with all the sincerity I can muster because it’s true.”

Michael C. has taken Balance of Nature since November of 2019. Balance of Nature has been a game changer for him, he says. It has given him the energy and foundation to “attack life with vigor.”

Michael is a currency trader and safety inspector and enjoys working out as well as working in his woodshop. He’s so busy he doesn’t even have time to watch TV!

“I’m pretty active, so I need the energy to sustain my day—my daily schedule—and Balance of Nature has been that difference maker.”

Michael says he also doesn’t have to spend a lot of time shopping for, preparing, or cooking meals, thanks to Balance of Nature. 

Balance of Nature has made him “feel like King Kong,” he says. “I have more awesome days, and less down days than I’ve ever had in my life.”

Michael says he felt a difference with Balance Nature Fruits & Veggies after two weeks of taking it consistently. He had a goal to take the product for four months and see how he felt. When he reached the end of the four months, he said he had never felt better. 

“This is the greatest product I have ever taken,” he shares. “I don’t say that lightly. I say that with all the sincerity I can muster because it’s true.”

Discovering Balance of Nature

He first learned about Balance of Nature while listening to the radio. The fact that older, experienced people were speaking highly of it piqued his interest. Not being so young anymore, Michael was looking for any edge he could find to achieve the quality of life he desired. When he had to start taking naps to rejuvenate after doing yard work, he realized he needed to find a solution.

After researching more about Balance of Nature, Michael was convinced and decided to try it. He has since referred many people by sharing what Balance of Nature has done for him. 

“I’m a customer for life,” he says.

“Energy equals quality of life,” Michael explains. “I’ve always taken care of myself, and I just found that my energy level was starting to wane. So, I was looking for an edge, and Balance of Nature gave [me] that edge. And, what it has done for me is nothing short of phenomenal: the energy level has increased, the awesome days are more prevalent, the down days are few and far between, and, as I get older, it is the [product] I’ve been looking for and I could not be more happy.”

As a safety inspector, Michael has to get up early in the morning to travel to construction sites. He says Balance of Nature gives him that energy boost to make it to the job site, do his job, get home, and feel good about his day. 

Having played sports throughout his life, mostly softball, Michael also enjoys being active. 

“Being active and vigorous is very important to me, and I do not want to see my activity level wane as I get older,” he says. “So, to find that sustainable energy level that I require, Balance of Nature has given me that added edge. It has given me the ability to feel vigor, feel energized, and attack life with all the energy and enthusiasm that I want and need. I don't want to grow old and wilt away.”

Furthermore, Michael says his sleep patterns during the week are all over the place, but he still has the energy to do what he needs to, thanks to Balance of Nature. He says he is thankful to have found the product.

His Philosophies on Life

Michael is also a father and enjoys woodworking. In his woodshop, he builds furniture and other creative projects. 

“I have a woodshop in the rear of my house,” he explains. “It is my comfort zone. It’s where I find a level of happiness and tranquility.” It is often where he ends his week and decompresses. 

The only time he has to sit is when he is working on the computer or researching trades. That’s one of the reasons he says he needs Balance of Nature. 

“We are on this planet once, and we have to make the best of our go around,” he says. “I’ve been touched by tragedy quite a few times in my life . . .. One thing it has made me realize is that our time on this planet is limited, so make the most of it, be grateful, be of service to others, open doors for others, do the right thing, and stay in control. If you can do those things, you’ll live an honorable life.”

Remembering Dad

Michael says the reason he takes care of himself is because his dad used to wake him up as a young kid to go running with him. Forty years later, Michael is still running and working out. At the time, he didn’t understand, but now he understands how important it is that the lifestyle he has lived—taking good care of himself—has been beneficial as gets older. “I owe all of my health to him,” he shares.

Michael adds that he doesn’t want to die young, so it’s important to live a healthy life. “I take care of myself, and hopefully with a little bit of luck from the Man Upstairs, that will give me a chance to have a good life and be a great father and be a productive person of society.”
He says he wants to live a high-quality, long life, and Balance of Nature gives him the energy he needs to pursue the activities he enjoys. 

Michael’s Advice

Michael’s advice to people trying Balance of Nature is to be committed to the product just as they would with any other goal or resolution in order to see results. “Give it a chance to do its magic,” he says.

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