Success Story Feature—Lauren S.

Success Story Feature—Lauren S.

Lauren’s life changed when she discovered she had to deal with some severe medical challenges. She got to a point where she was unable to be the crazy-fun mom she usually was. Find out how the nutrition in Balance of Nature made it easier for her to go about her busy life as a mom amidst her health struggles.

If you met Lauren S. today, you would never imagine that just some time ago she struggled with medical challenges. A crazy-fun mom and life of the party to say the least, you would never know that around 9 years ago she was physically disabled. Shortly after becoming disabled, Lauren received some alarming news from her doctors about her condition.

It was hard, she says, both for her and her family. She could see how hard it was for everyone around her. She went from being the mom she wanted to feeling like she was a burden.

“I kind of felt, at that point, like a grenade,” she expressed. “I could go off at any moment . . . and the shrapnel and the effects of that would just devastate everyone around me.” 

Lauren continued to undergo medical testing and scans, with disappointing and more discouraging results each time. 

Lauren heard about Balance of Nature from her mom who had a friend who had seen success from taking the product. Her mom attended a lecture by Dr. Douglas Howard*, the founder and formulator of Balance of Nature, and afterward set up a meeting for him and Lauren. 

When Lauren met with Dr. Howard, she decided to fight for better health—not just for her family’s sake, but ultimately for herself. 

“He was the first one to really sit and listen, but also give me feedback on what I said . . . really, truly concerned and interested in what I had to say and what my feelings were,” Lauren explains.

Dr. Howard asked Lauren why she wanted to get better, take Balance of Nature, and improve her quality of life. She responded that it was for her family, but he replied that he couldn’t do anything for her unless she wanted to get better for herself. She wanted to be a mom and do things other people could do, but she needed to fight for her own sake. After realizing it was okay to fight for herself, that’s just what she did. 

Lauren started taking 12 Fruits and 12 Veggies each day. With Balance of Nature, she started noticing changes. Although it took time, Balance of Nature gave her the pure nutrition her body needed. 

“It didn’t happen overnight; it didn’t happen in the first month; it didn’t happen in the second month; it took some definite time, but I remember the first time I went out with my little kids and was jumping on the tramp with them,” Lauren recalls. 

Her mom called Dr. Howard in tears; she couldn’t believe it. 

Lauren found it easier to go about her busy life as a mom amidst her health struggles, thanks to the nutrition supplied by Balance of Nature and her doctor’s continued care. Lauren didn’t even notice until people started pointing things out to her, and she learned to celebrate the little wins she experienced.

“I’d never thought that diet or the nutrients that I put in my body would help with any of the problems I was having, but with Balance of Nature, I started to notice changes,” Lauren shares. “I could finally go outside and play soccer with my kids. For the first time, I was laughing again, and for the first time, I was singing again, and I had lost that. It put the sparkle back in my eye. And so, I thank Balance of Nature for bringing the joy back in my life.”

“It is real fruits and vegetables . . . skin to seed, every part, every nutrient,” she explains. “It’s the best thing that I could be taking, and the easiest way to get the servings of fruits and vegetables that I would need. It’s not a quick fix; it’s a lifestyle change, and it can change your lifestyle and your quality of life.” 

She’s now able to be the mom who skips home from the bus stop, the one who’ll go on a bike ride to see how your day was, the one who’ll cheer you on from the sidelines.

To people in a similar situation, Lauren says: “There are a lot of dark days, a lot of hard things, but there is also a lot of beauty and a lot of joy. Be patient with yourself, first of all. Embrace your new normal. Celebrate your new normal. It’s okay to be upset—especially in the beginning.” She also advises to celebrate the things that are good, to serve, and to practice gratitude. 

Lauren is someone who sees every day as a gift and tries to live her life that way. She loves life, everything about it—the sun, riding in the car with her kids and singing to the radio, spending time with her family, and traveling. 

Lauren says she is who she is today “because of this amazing, fantastic, miraculous, beautiful heartbreak of a journey” and is proud to be a Balance of Nature Success Story. 

*Chiropractic Physician (Retired)
Professor of Medical Science and Research, Pavlov Medical University
Dean of Foreign Student Affairs, St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical University (Retired)