Success Story Feature—Jeanna R.

Success Story Feature—Jeanna R.

“I take Balance of Nature because it helps me be a better mom, it helps me be a better woman, it helps me be a better businesswoman at work, it helps me be a better girlfriend, and it helps me be able to have the life that I want to live,” Jeanna says. “Balance of Nature has been a game changer for me and if you’re thinking about taking it, you should definitely try it.”

Despite the busy year Jeanna was experiencing, when her sister came to make good on the promise they had made to do a bodybuilding competition together, Jeanna agreed this was the year to do it. 

Jeanna is a bodybuilder, backpacker, and single mom of 2 young children, who also works full-time and takes Balance of Nature to give her body the nutrition it needs to fuel her day. 

Jeanna’s Family Experiences the Balance of Nature Difference Firsthand

Jeanna says Balance of Nature was not only a game changer for her, but for her family as well. She noticed that the product made a difference in allowing her to spend more quality time with her kids, even after a full day. 

“What I noticed first with taking the product, I felt like there was something lacking before taking it and it filled in that lack,” she shares. “It gave me mental clarity and focus, so when I’m at home at night with my children, I had more clarity and I wasn’t irritable and frustrated and tired, and we were able to have more quality time together. That was a big game changer for all 3 of us.” Jeanna says they love to be outside and go camping, hiking, climbing, and backpacking. They love being in nature and in the mountains. 

Jeanna shares that her energy, stamina, and sleep have also improved. “What I’ve noticed since taking Balance of Nature is that I have energy and stamina and mental clarity. I get to go home to my boys, and I get to spend good, quality time with them,” she says. “And I’ve also noticed that I can sleep a lot easier and fall asleep so much faster, and the quality of sleep is so good. I get to go to work and have all this energy, and I feel awesome.”

In particular, Balance of Nature Fiber & Spice helped Jeanna see results digestively. It made her feel “cleaner and healthier.” 

What’s more is that taking Fiber & Spice didn’t just help her digestively, but with so much more. When Jeanna and her family experienced a tragedy, she says the stress on her body almost caused her to stop producing the breast milk that she needed to feed her baby boy. But she stayed consistent on Balance of Nature and says that within a few weeks, she noticed she was producing a lot more milk and her baby was able to grow. 

“When I looked at my milk, it was rich, it was creamy . . . and I knew it was healthy and that was so exciting for me because I was committed to being a breastfeeding mom and eating healthy,” she says. “. . . Fiber isn’t just something that helps digestively. It helps with everything.” 

Jeanna says that it has also helped her sleep better. “After a few weeks of being on [Fiber & Spice], I noticed that I was falling asleep a lot faster because I was laying there for hours and hours just thinking, and being able to go to sleep was the second big changer for me,” she says. “And being able to have that energy to take me through the day to work and come home, cause I’m a single mom and that’s not easy.” Their products are also something that have helped with her workouts.

The Promise to Compete 

Jeanna’s dad was also a bodybuilder. She never thought she would compete, but when her sister wanted to compete together, she said she would. Jeanna agreed to a bodybuilding competition with her sister last year. 

To prepare, they started working out a little but became more conscious and aware of what they were eating and when. The prep work started 16 weeks prior to the show, which was August 27th. Jeanna continued taking her Balance of Nature. 

“I just take the product, I don’t make any excuses for that. I think nutrition is just the number 1 thing you should be doing inside of your body,” she explains. “It’s mostly about nutrition. You can work out all day long, but if you’re not feeding your body right, you’re not going to perform the way that you need to. So taking the Balance of Nature products, I just made sure I was taking it every morning, every afternoon, every evening, and not skipping so I could be strong and healthy and have the energy that I needed.”

She continues, “And then being able to take the product all through working out has been awesome, and my recovery time is like half the time, and that’s really cool. And then to be able to do the competition and eat healthy food and eat whole foods has been different for me, but it was good and it makes me feel good inside. I noticed on competition day that I had far more energy than a lot of the other competitors. . . . The energy and being able to have the stamina was a big difference that I noticed between me and other competitors.”

“I wouldn’t have had the kind of energy and stamina that I had at the show if it weren’t for Balance of Nature,” Jeanna says. 

In her 16 week prep, Jeannat ate about the same things every week. After 6 weeks, the food she would eat got a little boring. She said that between 4 and 6 weeks before the show was the hardest emotionally and that there was an emotional experience she learned about food. Keeping her end goal in mind was something that helped her overcome this.

Throughout all of this, Jeanna took Balance of Nature first thing in the morning: 3 scoops of Fiber & Spice and then her Fruits & Veggies. She continues taking Fruits & Veggies throughout her day as well Fiber & Spice. 

Jeanna says she does weightlifting 3 times a week for about 45 minutes to an hour. Currently, her cardio is being active outside 1 to 3 times a week and, during her preparation, she added the StairMaster for 30 minutes around 3 times a week.

“Leg day is a common day to be more sore, so I definitely took more Balance of Nature on leg days to help me recover faster,” Jeanna says. She also took more product closer to the show. 

Jeanna also believes Balance of Nature helped her recovery time, and she was able to increase her strength rapidly. “When I started [at the gym], for instance, my leg extension was about 80 pounds and now I can do the whole stack, which is at 280 pounds. My strength is pretty incredible, I didn’t think I was ever going to be that strong honestly, but being very consistent with how much I take of Balance of Nature, the recovery and getting the nutrition I need, and making sure I eat well and drink my water are definitely key players.”

In her competition, Jeanna won 1st place in a division called Bikini Mamas and a 3rd place medal in the Novice Division. Jeanna's children are 6 and 2 years old. 

“Doing this competition, I didn’t do it for a win, for a medal—I got 1, I got 2, and that was really exciting—but I did it because I wanted to see where I could take myself. It takes a lot of physical and mental discipline, really,” she explains. “And I wanted to be able to say, ‘hey, I did that.’ But then, taking on the level of ‘I’m going to do this in a healthy way and do this with whole foods and never skimp on my product, and knowing I’m going to get in that nutrition,’ it was a good choice.”

Jeanna says bodybuilding is therapeutic for her. “My favorite part about bodybuilding is honestly the release for me, it’s therapeutic. And that could be because I was raised in weight training, but it’s definitely therapeutic, and knowing how much stronger I’m getting makes me feel confident as a mom and as a woman. It’s being able to say that I can do really hard things and nobody can take that away from me. I get to be proud of everything that I’ve accomplished and have become.”

“There were definitely a lot of things that could’ve stopped me from doing this competition and even during the competition prep I was like, ‘do I even have the time to continue doing this, day in and day out and making sure the schedule was there and making it happen,’” Jeanna shares. “I just kept making it happen, and that made a huge difference. Being able to have a product like Balance of Nature helped me feel good enough to have the energy to go through every day and know that I could accomplish it and then wake up and do it again. And I don’t know that I would have accomplished all that I did without that energy that I felt from the products.”

Jeanna’s Passion for Nutrition

Jeanna says she fell in love with health and nutrition because of her parents. “My dad took us to the gym when we turned 11. . . and I fell in love with that. He’s been a bodybuilder for 30 years, fell in love with working out, and I fell in love with nutrition . . . .”

As a senior in high school, Jeanna says she wanted to be a registered dietitian but started health coaching at the same time and fell in love with that. “I fell in love with helping people and making a difference and seeing people’s lives change through nutrition and thanking me for assisting them in that process and being their biggest cheerleader,” she says. “Being healthy and full of nutrition allows for me to be the best that I can be for me and for my children.”

Jeana says that intentionally feeding your body with good nutrition can inspire you and that it takes keeping up healthy habits each day to achieve your goals. “The knowledge of knowing that you’re putting nutrition in your body every day for a bigger purpose is what will drive you to do many things . . . ,” she says. “You can see the future more clearly when you understand that most things aren’t a sprint. It doesn’t work that way. If you want to have lifelong results, you have to do things every day that make you happy and feel good and it’s not just food, either. But you gotta fuel your body so you can feel good and be able to play with your children, or go out and paint, or garden, or do anything that you love. I love to be outside in the mountains, I can’t do that if I don’t feel good. . . . Anything that you want to accomplish in life, you got to look at it as a long term, a change, a lifestyle that you want to live. It’s gotta be enjoyable and that’s how I live.”

Even before Balance of Nature, Jeanna lived what she now understands as the Triad of Health. “I didn’t realize that’s what I was living. . . . But the Triad of Health that I’ve learned at Balance of Nature is that there’s a physical, spiritual, and chemical side of health.”

For the chemical side, Jeanna says she makes sure to put in her body all the nutrition that she possibly can through the products and the things she eats, as well as get plenty of water. She also spends a lot of time building relationships with the people around her, such as her children, her partner, her friends, and the people she works with. She also spends time building her skills as a businesswoman, in communicating, and in other areas that help her feel fulfilled. Spiritually, she goes to church and spends time serving, journaling, and meditating—things that bring her peace and joy. 

“ . . . I feel like once I get a good balance, I’m functioning better. I’ve seen that with many people that I’ve worked with—and I’ve worked with hundreds of people with their health and their nutrition and just their overall well-being—and that is really key to keep working on the Triad of Health. That's what keeps people going long-term.”

Jeanna Recommends Balance of Nature

Jeanna has been taking Balance of Nature for almost 2 years now. She learned about it after applying to work with the company. She describes the product as “real, whole food that’s dried and put in these capsules, and you get to take in all of this nutrition and you get to absorb everything that you’re eating . . . we get to do that with the capsules of Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies.” 

She continues, “Even with Fiber & Spice, keeping your body clean and healthy and being able to absorb everything is so incredible to me, and it just makes sense. I explain it to people and I’m just like, ‘Take it, because it’s real and you’ll feel good and you’re getting everything that you need in just a simple step of swallowing the capsules . . . and you can't get that kind of nutrition anywhere else all at once. And I love it, and I love the way you feel.’ So I definitely share that with my friends and my family, and anybody who’s asking me.”

Why Balance of Nature Is Different

Jeanna says Balance of Nature is the product she takes to help her be a single mom, bodybuilder, backpacker, and full-time employee. 

“Balance of Nature is whole food in a capsule that you can take, and it’s simple and easy, and you get all the nutrition that you need,” she explains.

She says it's different from other supplements because it’s whole food. “You’re getting the whole fruit, you’re getting the whole vegetable. You’re getting them all together and getting thousands and thousands of nutrients all at once that you can’t get anywhere else,” she says. “All of the nutrition, it works together to help your body do all the things that your body is made to do.”

Try It for Yourself!

After working out and a full day of work, Jeanna says she is able to go home and have all the energy and stamina she needs to take care of her children and then do it all over again the next day. 

“I take Balance of Nature because it helps me be a better mom, it helps me be a better woman, it helps me be a better businesswoman at work, it helps me be a better girlfriend, and it helps me be able to have the life that I want to live,” she says.

Jeanna concludes: “There’s no real excuse to not do something that you want to do, because you can do it . . . .I will do another competition because I think it’ll be fun and I want to learn more about myself.”

“Balance of Nature has been a game changer for me and if you’re thinking about taking it, you should definitely try it!”

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