Success Story Feature—Bruce G.

Success Story Feature—Bruce G.

“Balance of Nature provides me with the right nutrition to get me ready to rock!” says Balance of Nature customer Bruce G.

Rocking and Rolling with Balance of Nature

Our interview with Balance of Nature customer Bruce G. turned into a jam session! It isn’t too surprising since Bruce is a rock musician, music director, and teacher. 

Bruce became interested in music through his family: his father and older sister bonded over playing guitar, and he wanted to play too as a 5-year-old boy. Eventually, he got ahold of a guitar and book and began practicing. 

“From that moment, I knew that I was on the path—the journey—of being a musician, and it's been one heck of a ride and we’re still going.”

Bruce says a jam session is a deeper form of communication between musicians; you never know where it’s going to go.

Bruce’s Weight-Loss Journey

Bruce says he realized he needed to make a change when he was close to 450 pounds and couldn’t breathe or walk well. “I gotta make a turnaround,” he said to himself at the time. He lost 170 pounds in his weight-loss journey.

He says Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies really had his back and took care of his nutritional needs in that journey. “I’m feeling good, and it's nice to feel good when you play music,” he says.

He came across Balance of Nature when he received them as a Christmas gift from one of his guitar students. Bruce tried them and says he started feeling “right” and felt “nourished.” 

In talking about his weight loss journey, Bruce says, “Along with [changing my diet,] . . . Balance of Nature was a very important part of the puzzle.” 

“Taking Balance of Nature capsules is a very, very important part of my daily regimen. If you miss a day, you know,” he says. “The capsules are with me all the time. It’s an important part of being on the road and touring, you know, to take care of your health. You can always find good food, you just have to look. And I always, always, always have my Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies capsules.”

His Wingman

Bruce calls Balance of Nature his “wingman.” 

“I’m taken care of; it’s like the person who has your back,” he explains. He says he feels more energy, more focused, and more relaxed when he takes Balance of Nature. 

Bruce shares that a musician's life is work 24-7, and it’s important for him to stay focused. “Balance of Nature really helps because I have a really, really busy schedule, and it’s a really wonderful schedule—I’m blessed.” 

“The turnaround in my nutrition and my lifestyle changes—the journey of the nutrition—really helped the music, because I became more healthy,” he explains. “. . . Feeling good, you know, getting good nutrition, definitely helps with your music because you feel good, you have a good emotion, you have stamina, and it’s wonderful. I feel great. And every day, I’m just ready to go, just play music and share. . . . And Balance of Nature definitely helps with keeping me feeling good.”

Bruce says nutrition is important. “If you can’t take care of yourself, you’re not going to be able to take care of anyone else,” he shares. “Being an educator, how am I going to give a lesson and care about it if I am not even caring about myself? . . . It’s so important to take care of your nutrition—it's key.”

Bruce says he would recommend Balance of Nature to all. “I would recommend it to touring musicians, to students—actually I’d recommend it to anyone!” he says. “I feel great and I know that other people who take the Balance of Nature capsules feel great.”

“Balance of Nature provides me with the right nutrition to get me ready to rock!” Bruce adds.

If you could benefit from better nutrition like Bruce, try rocking and rolling with Balance of Nature! Learn more by visiting