Success Story Feature—Arnold P.

Success Story Feature—Arnold P.

“Since we started taking Balance of Nature . . . we’ve had just really good health. . . . We’ve just really been blessed, and I credit a lot of that to Balance of Nature and other things that we take.”

Arnold P. and his wife, Lou Anne, have been married for about 70 years and have taken Balance of Nature since the early 2000s. 

A Life of Service

Arnold and his wife met while working on the same play and got married after graduating from high school. They both danced in high school and still dance today, though not as intensely. 

Arnold started working for Geneva Steel at age 19, and they had their first baby girl when he was 21. Together, he and Lou Anne have 4 children, 23 grandchildren, over 60 great-grandchildren, and a couple of great-great-grandchildren! 

Arnold says he is most proud of his family. They have 2 boys and 2 girls who now have families of their own. Arnold and Lou Anne also served 4 different missions for their church over the course of their lives.

“You can’t serve others very well if you’re not healthy enough to physically help them,” Arnold says.

“I’ve always felt like being able to help somebody who needs help is one of the greatest privileges that there is,” he adds. “You can just imagine the number of things that you’ve been helped with over your life, and if there wasn’t somebody to help you, what would you have done? You would have either had to fail or just be lost, but if you have somebody around that’s willing to serve and willing to help you when you need that service, that’s what makes life worthwhile.”

Being Part of the Huntsman World Senior Games

Arnold has kept healthy enough to not only serve people, but to also succeed in sports events! He has been involved in the Huntsman World Senior Games for quite a while, starting when he was 55 years old. He has participated in the Senior Games for 28 years now and was even inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2015. 

“The Huntsman World Senior Games has just been really special . . . just the chance to be with the guys you practiced with, you learn what team play is all about,” Arnold shares. “I played softball and basketball for a lot of years, and then it got pretty tough to find enough people my age to put a team together . . . I switched to horseshoes for a lot of years.”

“It’s just great to be with people who are interested in staying healthy and staying physical and doing things,” he explains. “I just had my 89th birthday a month ago, and I feel real blessed to be healthy enough to still participate.”

“I think anybody that is interested in team play or in individual play or in being involved in some physical activity where you have a chance to show your skills—if someone has that desire—there’s no better place to do it than the Senior Games. It’s a super place.”

Staying Healthy With the Support of Balance of Nature

Curious how else Arnold stays healthy? For him, it includes staying limber and taking Balance of Nature.

“To me, staying healthy involves just staying flexible,” he says. “I don’t do a lot of strenuous stuff; I just do a lot of things to stretch out and keep my joints limber.”

He says he exercises every day and tries to eat well. “I do a set of exercises each day that involves some use of my arms and making sure I can lift my hands up over my head, stuff like that, with some light weights. We try to eat well. I don’t think we are fanatic about our diet, but we try to eat healthy.”

Arnold adds that spending time with Lou Anne increases his emotional and mental well-being. “You know that you want to do things—we still play golf when we can. I take her out in the golf cart and she rides along as we play; it’s just neat to be with her.”

“Since we started taking Balance of Nature . . . we’ve had just really good health. . . . We’ve just really been blessed, and I credit a lot of that to Balance of Nature and other things that we take.”

Arnold trusts Balance of Nature—well, we’d hope so after more than 20 years of being a customer! 

Arnold explains, “What’s in the Balance of Nature of formulation that Dr. Howard* put together . . . it just makes sense to me that if you get down to where you’re getting the best part of the plant or the best part of the fruit or vegetable, and it’s capsulated. . . . It just made a lot of sense to me to take it that way.”

At 89, Arnold makes an effort to stay healthy so that he can help others, continue serving his beloved wife, and keep participating in sport events. 

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*Dean of Foreign Student Affairs, St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical University (Retired), Professor of Medical Science and Research, Pavlov Medical University Chiropractic Physician (Retired)