Success Story Feature—Anna R.

Success Story Feature—Anna R.

“I think it’s really important to have people who have clear and healthy minds. As I said . . . there’s no health without mental health.”

Dr. Anna R. worked in a health clinic as a physician and a psychotherapist but is now enjoying retirement. She said the reason she ordered Balance of Nature was because she began to not feel like herself mentally or physically a few years ago. 

Trying Balance of Nature

“There was decline . . . and I heard the Balance of Nature commercial around that time,” Anna says. “And, I felt that I had to place an order right away—I wasted no time and I began to take it regularly.”

She says she began to feel rejuvenated within a month or two. “It was a big difference,” she says.

Anna also said her dreadful digestive issues, which “put a dent in her mood,” got much better and she began having regular bowel movements.

According to Anna, Balance of Nature is a worthwhile addition to having a healthy and happy life.

The Importance of Mental Health

Anna came to the U.S. from Poland at 16 years old. After her schooling, she became a physician and a psychiatrist who specializes in psychotherapy. “I think it’s really important to have people who have clear and healthy minds. As I said . . . there’s no health without mental health.”

Artistic at Heart

Anna also enjoys art. She explains that since she was a little girl, she has cherished moments: “I began to paint on anything—like on a napkin, on a teacup, on a plate, I always had memorabilia. And I would paint things . . . just to have a memory of an evening.”

For example, she did one piece influenced by 9/11. “I found an urge to express how I felt.” She saw it happen on her way to work. “Every year, it’s emotional. It was a strange day.”

Anna started journaling when she was about 10 years old.

“Journaling and art are fun because you can look back. . . . Having memories of gratitude, I’m grateful! I’m very, very grateful that I’ve lived a life that I’ve appreciated: friends and travel and learning languages,” she shares. “I’m always creating something and then looking back—looking back on how I’m living, what I’m doing with myself.”

Anna says she absolutely thinks her art is good for her mental health.

“I get to express the feelings and the emotions. It’s sort of a journal, too; it tells me where I am and what I’m doing. . . . I started writing poetry, rather than prose [or] just whatever is happening. . . . Being creative really gets your mind going, and once your mind gets going, you shouldn't let it stop, you shouldn't let it go to sleep because it’s amazing what you can come up with.”

Aiding Abroad

At one point, Anna also participated in volunteer work. “When I was in Mexico, I did clinical work too. And we went to little villages where people have not seen a doctor ever,” she describes. “Talking about vegetables and fruits, we would teach them the basics about nutrition. . . . So I had been the one teaching about fruits and vegetables and healthy diet, but not the one following it, unfortunately.”

Anna said her parents instilled in her at a young age that travel is important. “The way I was raised is you got to think of things that no one can take away from you—that is education, art, languages, experiences.”

Discovering New Parts of Herself

Since she retired, Anna has also been researching other interests, namely, learning about the soul. “Now in my old age, I find that it’s a whole new journey, a whole new arena that I want to explore and it gives me a lot of peace, in terms of moving forward . . . .”

Anna explains that she was anxious a lot as a kid and before taking Balance of Nature. “I really had anxiety, and I say stress, it’s really difficult—it’s not a pleasant feeling. It’s an obstacle to going forward.”

She says when she stopped feeling anxious and managed it, it felt like her soul was “stable” and felt that it was what it was supposed to be.

“All my life I have been trying to understand better how to cope more efficiently so I really enjoyed this journey. . . . And I find a lot of peace.”

Now, Balance of Nature helps Anna enjoy the benefits of getting more nutrition. Try it today to experience the energy that whole fruits and vegetables can provide! Visit to learn more.