Success Story Feature— Phil B.

Success Story Feature— Phil B.

“You can tell [by] listening to these people on the radio, it's very important to them—that [Balance of Nature] made sense to them and they feel great,” says Phil. “I felt better. It does its job.”

Being in a dangerous profession, Phil B. never thought he’d live to age 60. He recently turned 83. Phil was a fireman and a family man long before he was a Balance of Nature customer. He served forty years in the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) and raised two daughters who have given him many grandchildren. Although, his life was not without hardship.

During his forty years of firefighting, Phil spent ten years as a division commander. He went to over 5,000 fires and lost twenty-four men, a lot of them friends, in the line of duty. “It’s a great job, and it's a tough job, but you have to be ready for it—it's not for everybody.”

Phil didn’t end up working on September 11, 2001, so when he got into work the next day, he spent it talking to the families of lost firemen. “We lost 343 of our brothers,” he said. It was a hard day for firefighters.

An article from Fox News provided words from the former FDNY commissioner, Thomas von Essen, on the lost 343 firefighters: “The 343 firefighters who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks were the ‘best fire chiefs in the world.’” He explained that a lot of them were lost due to the south tower collapsing. 

In addition, he said it was hard to find the remains of the lost firefighters, which made that day worse: “He remembered that the ‘hardest part’ was not being able to give the bodies of the firefighters to their loved ones for a funeral ceremony.” There are over one thousand 9/11 memorials across the United States today to honor the victims.1

“When you’re a fireman, you have too many of those things. . . . Don’t dwell on things,” Phil advises. “You think of the good things in life and have a weird sense of humor, like I do.”

Phil has also survived lung issues. He used to smoke and started firefighting when he was 20. At that time, firefighters didn’t wear masks so he didn’t wear one for the first five years of his career. He says he has always exercised, and he believes that’s what saved him. Phil now enjoys a healthier lifestyle. 

His career was spent saving people, but he always made sure to take care of himself, too. “I always worked out, all through my life,” he says. Because he is now in his 80s, his workouts aren’t as intense, but he walks often. 

Phil heard about Balance of Nature on the radio. He said that the product being made with fruits and vegetables just made a lot of sense to him. “You can tell [by] listening to these people on the radio, it's very important to them—that [Balance of Nature] made sense to them and they feel great.” He said they all struck him as being very sincere. He believed them. 

Phil reiterated that Balance of Nature just made a lot of sense to him. He believes that God put things on the Earth, like fruits and vegetables, for us to survive. He also believed the success stories he’d heard, so he tried it.

Talking about nutrition, Phil explains that one man in the fire department was a cook, and the firefighters ate pretty well. “I ate the right things too, and that’s important,” he says. “It’s also helped me to get to the age I am—working out all those years and eating the right things.”

Phil has been a Balance of Nature customer for over ten years; he takes 3 Fruits and 3 Veggies every day.

“I felt better,” he says. “It does its job.” 

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