Success Story: Balance of Nature Gives Chuck the Energy He Needs

Success Story: Balance of Nature Gives Chuck the Energy He Needs

“One of the things I like about Balance of Nature is, the day after playing golf when I’ve walked the course and put everything away, the next day I just feel great. I don’t have any residual aches or pains.” —Chuck S.

Chuck heard about Balance of Nature from his brother, Brian, who is a customer. Chuck was telling him about some aches and pains he was experiencing when his brother suggested he take it. Chuck, age 74, loves to play golf and expects to keep playing with the help of Balance of Nature. He has been taking Balance of Nature for about 8 months. 

Feeling Good without Soreness

“I noticed pretty quickly that I felt good,” Chuck says. “What really sold me was that we have a wood pile on the north side of the house, and my wife said that the platform needed to be raised up . . . so I took all the wood off the platform, shortened the platform, raised it up, then put all the wood back on the platform. Next morning, I expected to feel soreness in my arms, or my legs that were bending, and so forth—nothing. I was sold. It was Balance of Nature.”

Chuck says he also believes he has better stamina thanks to the extra nutrition he gets from the product. 

“I walk at least 2 miles, at least 5 days a week, and I do [it in] about 40 minutes . . . and I don’t have any issues with breathing, with my legs, with any kind of soreness. I feel like it really helps my stamina,” he says.

Chuck Enjoys Golf without Worry Thanks to Balance of Nature

Chuck also likes to play golf; he has played for 40 years. He plays once or twice a week and says he doesn’t have any residual backache or arm ache afterward. “I recover very quickly,” he shares. “I always feel good the next day, and I attribute that to Balance of Nature.”

Chuck adds, “Before I started taking Balance of Nature, I noticed that the next day, if I had done some exercise beforehand, like playing 9 holes of golf walking, I would feel sore . . . and it would take a little while to get over. Since Balance of Nature, I don’t have any residual pain the next day. I just get up and do whatever I want to do.”

Chuck says he really loves being outdoors when he golfs. “It’s a challenge. I get frustrated . . . but it’s one of those things where I might put together a couple of really good shots . . . that one hole brings me back to play another round.”

He adds, “One of the things I like about golf and the guys I play with is the comradery, the encouragement to one another whenever somebody makes a really long good putt or hits a long drive; it’s just a lot of fun to be outdoors. . . . I’m 74 years old, and I expect to play golf well into my eighties; I really enjoy the game, and Balance of Nature is gonna help me get there.”

Peace of Mind with Fruits & Veggies 

Chuck says Balance of Nature helps him do what he wants to do. “I know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for me. I know I don’t always get all I need, so Balance of Nature fills that void.”

“One of the benefits I find from Balance of Nature is that I just feel better all the time. Recovery is much quicker, and I have a lot of confidence every day when I take the Fruits & Veggies.”

“I would recommend Balance of Nature to anybody and everybody, it’s a good product,” he shares. “I really like Balance of Nature and it’s something that I will take for the rest of my life.”

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