Success Story: Brian Loves Surfing and Taking Balance of Nature

Success Story: Brian Loves Surfing and Taking Balance of Nature

“I'm 57 years old. I've been taking Balance of Nature for about 3 years. I've been surfing for about that long also, and I don't seem to get sore. And my recovery time is really good, and I don't think I would be able to surf every day if it wasn't for Balance of Nature.”

Brian has lived in California all his life and became a surfer in his fifties!

“I started surfing when I was 54 years old, and it's not too regular,” he shares. “You don't see that a lot. But I lived in California all my life, and I never did surf, so picking it up was something I always kind of wanted to do and just never did. And when the opportunity arose, I started surfing. I've been surfing for 3 years, and I don't think I'd be doing that without Balance of Nature.”

Brian Catches the Surfing Bug

Brian started surfing after he began taking Balance of Nature. He says a surf session for him lasts a couple of hours. “It is physically demanding,” he describes. “And I don’t seem to be sore afterward or the next day, so I can go again. I don’t think I’d be surfing the next day if it wasn’t for Balance of Nature and being able to repeat over and over and over and surf every day.”

It all started when Brian’s brother-in-law asked him if he wanted to take a surf lesson. He agreed, of course. 

“We went to Huntington Beach Surf School, took a surf lesson, and I'm sure I was taking Balance of Nature before I started surfing, and I just never really accredited how much of a workout it is. It really is; the paddling is pretty hard on the shoulders. And I just don't get sore from it. . . . I noticed that as much work as it is to surf with the shoulders and the paddling and legs that I just don't get sore like I should be.”

He says he has always wanted to surf. “Even if the surf is lousy, it's fun just to get the exercise. It feels good to be out on the water—surfing and getting exercise and moving around and staying active. Even falling is fun!”

Brian hopes to be able to continue surfing into his eighties. “For me, being 57 years old, I believe that I'm active,” he says. “I'm able to do things. I don't want to slow down. I want to be able to be active—surf. I plan on surfing until I'm 80 and, if I can, or beyond. I see guys out there that have been surfing all their lives that manage to surf into their seventies, and that's just what I want to do. I want to stay active, I want to surf, and I want to be happy.”

He continues, “Catching a wave is an incredible feeling: paddling into it and actually getting on the wave propels you to where you can put yourself on the board and come down the wave, make that bottom turn, get into a wave, and stand in the crutch of a wave. It's really incredible. It’s awesome.”

Brian says that even waiting for a wave can be exhilarating. “Sometimes surfing is just waiting and being out on the water and conversing with other surfers . . . but being in the right spot is a lot of it. In other words, sometimes they don't come all in the same spot, so you’re gonna have to paddle out,” he explains. “And, if you don't want to get pounded by a wave, you have to paddle out and get over them sometimes. To get in the right spot can be challenging. . . . So, you know, you have to have the strength to get there.”

Brian’s Recovery Time Is Short

Brian says that Balance of Nature allows him to recover faster from work, surfing, and working out. 

“I have the energy to continue to surf and do it the next day and then the following day, so I can surf every day for 2 or 3 hours if the opportunity comes up.” He adds, “Balance of Nature is helping me get everything out of life that I can get out of life. . . . I just love Balance of Nature, and I think it's an awesome product.”

Fruits and Vegetables with Balance of Nature

Brian has been taking Balance of Nature for about 4 years and has noticed a difference.

“[The] main difference is I know that about 6 months in Balance of Nature, about 4 years after taking [another product], I had black lines on my fingernails. . . . So that went away. I don't know when, but in the last 2 or 3 years they must have disappeared. That’s one reason I know I enjoy taking it,” he says.

Brian says the other product he was taking was almost 3 times the cost of Balance of Nature and then decided to switch to Balance of Nature. 

“I saw Balance of Nature, and fruits and vegetables just made sense,” he says. “So I knew that that's one thing that I wasn't getting. And I wanted to replace [the other product] with something. I was spending a lot of money, and I thought, well, I'd just like to spend a little less money, and I want to replace it with something good. So I found Balance of Nature and started taking it, and then the fingernail thing happened where I lost the lines on the fingernails, and I just knew it was a good product. So I love it, and I'll always take it.”

He concludes, “We know we're supposed to eat fruits and vegetables, and that's something that I never did. So now, with Balance of Nature, I know I'm getting my fruits and vegetables.”

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