Success Story: Balance of Nature Helps Get Joseph through the Day!

Success Story: Balance of Nature Helps Get Joseph through the Day!

“Balance of Nature gives me the energy I need to get me through my day. It’s a good thing. It completes my day. That’s the way I like to see it.” —Joseph A.

Joseph A. is 72 years old, but still outdoes the younger guys with the help of Balance of Nature. He takes Balance of Nature to get the nutrition he needs from fruits and vegetables and says he will continue taking it for the rest of his life!

“I like it,” he shares. “I’m trying to get healthy; that’s all.”

He’s a Hardworking and Active Guy!

Joseph works as a general contractor. 

“My day usually consists of just getting up, meeting my worker, and heading out to a job to continue whatever they [the customer] wanted. . . . But I work in my own neighborhood here,” he shares. “There’s about 640 homes, or something like that. I probably worked in half of them, but I enjoy the people in my community and try and help them out. You know, make them appreciate what goes on in life, too.”

Joseph says it’s a tough business. “There ain’t nothing that’s light. I mean, you know, even in nails. A nail gun today is heavy. Everything’s heavy. You need 87 tools to do one job, you know, and it gets crazy after a while.”

Joseph says Balance of Nature gives him a little boost.

“Balance of Nature seems like it gives you a little boost, I do find that,” he says. “I enjoy it. I just can try and try to get healthy in my older years.”

Joseph says that construction is a tough business, but Balance of Nature helps him. “It’s physically demanding. Overall, I mean, it’s a constant, constant strain on you, and I feel that the Balance of Nature does help me out at that point. Gives you that extra boost, and it’s got to be doing something good for my whole body.”

More Energy at 72!

Balance of Nature helps Joseph do what he needs to do each day. 

“For instance, yesterday, I’d started it [work] at 9:00 in the morning, and then I got done with my own little project at—it was like 9:30 last night. So, you know, I put in a good 12-hour day, and most guys my age are not gonna get that far. Yeah, I find my neighbor over here next to me. He said, ‘I wish I had your energy,’ and he’s 20 years younger than me, so that’s a good sign of something!”

He adds, “I mean you properly try and eat good. You know, the wife cooks a good meal and you eat good, so this is like the icing on the cake.”

Joseph’s day usually includes picking up what he needs at the supply house and then heading off to his current job. He usually works around 5 hours a day with exceptions here and there.

Although it’s demanding, Joseph feels he has the energy he needs to do his job.

“A lot of people my age . . . I don’t think they have that much energy as I have. I think I can attribute it to Balance of Nature in itself. I mean, I run circles around these other guys. I live in a—I call it a Q-tip community. Everybody’s gray hair here, and I kind of take care of them like my family, you know. They're all my neighbors.”

Taking Balance of Nature for More Fruits and Vegetables

Joseph says he was initially attracted to Balance of Nature to help him get healthy!

“Try and clean up my act a little bit. In the construction business you just—you don’t eat right—and you’re always jamming something in. So you need a little more nutrients than whatever you get out on the street nowadays,” he shares.

Joseph says we all need fruits and vegetables. “I mean it’s a good balance between a meal,” he says. “Your body needs them. That’s for sure. That’s what I hear. That’s what I read, you know? So I kind of go with that and take it from that area. It seems like a good product. I do it every day. I’ve been doing it for probably 2 years now. And I do find getting up [with] a clearer head.”

Joseph takes Balance of Nature to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into his diet. “I take it because I need the fruits and vegetables. I think it’s healthier. You need some kind of supplement—you’re not going to get all this out of the foods that you’re supposed to be eating. Ain’t going to happen. I ain’t cutting up all that stuff. It’s easy to take a couple of [capsules], and I get all that out of Balance of Nature, which is a plus.”

Joseph says it’s hard to get all those fruits and vegetables, even if you eat healthy.

“You can’t get all that stuff in you,” he says. “You would have to eat pounds of it. . . . I feel that the little capsules are much easier. I can do them in the morning, I’m done, and I got what I need for today, and I’m off to work. You know, it’s a good thing.”

Try Balance of Nature If You Want More Fruits and Vegetables, Like Joseph

Joseph says fruits and vegetables are something we all need!

“I find it with Balance of Nature, especially the fruits and vegetables [Fruits & Veggies] . . . they give me all the nutrition that I need,” he shares. “There is no way I’m cutting up all this stuff every day to go to try and even come close to what Balance of Nature is going to give me, at such an easier way and convenient way. You know what I mean? It’s shipped right to me. I don’t have to go out to the store.”

Joseph says people ask him how he knows it works and he simply says, “Look at me!”

“When a 70-year-old starts outdoing a 20-year-old, it’s a different thing, you know what I mean?” he laughs. “Even my customers say I don’t see how you can do this stuff anymore, but I say, ’I take Balance of Nature.’”

Joseph says he does recommend Balance of Nature to others but finds a lot of them already take it!

“I do find a lot of my older customers are using Balance of Nature, which is a good thing, you know? And they actually tell me they’re feeling good because they’re taking it, also. They didn’t take it before—it helps them in their golf game, mostly. I live in a golf course community, but they all tend to tell me that it gives them a little more energy out of it.”

Joseph concludes, “Balance of Nature—it is a great product. It’s something we all should take a notice on. It’ll help you out. It’ll get you. It’ll get you. It will give you that energy that you’re missing. Before you know it, gives you that umph, that extra little jolt.”

If you could use more energy throughout your day, try Balance of Nature! As Joseph says, we all need fruits and vegetables, and Balance of Nature is an easy way to get them. Learn more at