Success Story: Balance of Nature Gives Nathan More Energy from Fruits and Vegetables

Success Story: Balance of Nature Gives Nathan More Energy from Fruits and Vegetables

“It’s made quite the difference. It’s been a major factor in giving me extra energy and being able to make it through my day since I have got so many things to do throughout the day.” —Nathan P.

Nathan and his wife have lived in St. George for about 30 years, and they now have 7 grandchildren! He has run a commercial cleaning business for about 20 years but has worked in all kinds of businesses. Nathan started Balance of Nature about 3 years ago.

Taking Balance of Nature for More Energy

Nathan discovered Balance of Nature by hearing it on the radio. 

“I’ve always been interested in trying to have, you know, help my bad health, I guess you could say, cause I wasn’t feeling very spry and peppy. I didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy, and so I decided I needed to do something about that,” he shares. “I followed the testimonies that I was always hearing about Balance of Nature, and I decided, might as well. I try everything and anything, and I’ve been with them for about 3 or 4 years now so it’s working for me; otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing it.”

Nathan says one of the main reasons he started taking Balance of Nature was because he needed more energy. “And that was what I noticed when I first started taking it, that I wasn’t quite as drained at the end of each day when I was taking Balance of Nature, and so it definitely helped. . . . 3 times a day—morning, noon, and night.”

He adds, “When I take Balance of Nature I just feel much more energy each day, especially since I get up early and I run on little sleep. I decided that Balance of Nature was the way I would [get] that extra boost because I don’t always eat healthy so it's compensating for that.”

Nathan takes care of the house and helps with the grandkids, too. “I do most of the stuff that my wife would normally do, but she works at a school so her schedule’s not as flexible. So I’m usually home latest 10 o’clock in the morning since I get up so early. And then I do the cleaning in the house, a lot of that too. . . . So I’m nonstop. All day long, I’m going. It’s rare that I sit down.”

He continues, “It’s made quite the difference. It’s been a major factor in giving me extra energy and being able to make it through my day since I have got so many things to do throughout the day.”

Getting More Nutrition From Fruits and Vegetables with Balance of Nature

Nathan says he would like to eat more fruits and vegetables, but that doesn’t always happen, so that was his number one reason why he tried Balance of Nature. 

“I knew I was getting what I needed when it came to my regular diet. I would like to eat more fruits and vegetables, but it can be expensive and time consuming as well, trying to get all that and prep it all.”

Nathan was pretty convinced after hearing that Balance of Nature is all-natural. “The thing that was the biggest selling point was that it was all-natural,” he shares. “When they explain the process where they take the fruits and vegetables and the process they use to compress it all and make it all, you know, that many fruits and vegetables in just 6 capsules a day. That did stick out.”

Nathan admits he doesn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, but he knows they are important. 

“I like fruits and vegetables, and we try to eat as much as we can, but this modern diet just never works out. . . . That’s probably the thing that stood out most to me when starting Balance of Nature, is getting all the necessary fruits and vegetables into your diet. So I took the bait and I went for it. So I ordered Balance of Nature.” 

Nathan says that Balance of Nature gives him peace of mind knowing that he is getting the nutrition he needs. 

Nathan Shares His Pastimes with His Grandchildren

Some of the things Nathan enjoys are archery, reading, solar cooking, and taking care of things around the house. 

“I like to do stuff that keeps me outdoors,” he says. 

He even started teaching his grandchildren the basics of archery about 2 years ago and would like to do it more frequently. 

“I like quiet stuff, so archery you can just sit and take your time,” Nathan explains. “It’s nothing hurried, or harried either. That’s the reason I also like cutting wood, it’s lethargic; it gives you time to think and relax. Even though most people wouldn’t find it relaxing. That’s one of the reasons I still do it after all these years. Reading is my other thing too, so I like to take quiet time to read. I’m all about quiet time nowadays.”

He says his favorite thing about archery is that it’s relaxing.

“I’ve always liked it, ever since I was a kid. Plus it gives you that, you know, trying to work that precision targeting. It’s not an easy thing to do. So, it takes time and effort. I wish I was a lot better, but I’m not. But more than anything, it’s just a relaxing hobby. Same with solar cooking. Very relaxing hobby.”

Nathan discovered solar cooking around 2008 and made his own solar cooker. He later taught community college-level classes about it! He also made a business out of it, sourcing solar cookers and selling them around the world. He did that for about 8 years, then decided to stick to commercial cleaning.

And Balance of Nature helps Nathan have the energy to do it all. “Balance of Nature gives me extra energy, especially now that we have some grandkids in the house. So it gives me that energy to help out and entertain them as well. . . . We have quite a household here so Balance of Nature has definitely helped me to maintain my energy level and gives me that boost that I need each and every day.”

Try It For Yourself!

Nathan says he recommends Balance of Nature for everybody. If you could use more energy like Nathan did, try it for yourself! Balance of Nature delivers the vital nutrition from fruits and vegetables in easy-to-take capsules. Visit to learn more.