How Our Health Coaches Can Help You

How Our Health Coaches Can Help You

Health Coaching can help you achieve goals and see results. Taking responsibility for your health and educating yourself can help bring success.

All Balance of Nature Preferred Customers have the opportunity to meet with our Health Coaches at no additional charge. What is Health Coaching, and how can it benefit you? Well, when you schedule a Health Coaching appointment with us, you will have a personalized session with a coach, evaluating your health needs and learning how we can help you get to your desired level of health. And that’s just a general description. There’s much more to it.

health coaching infographic

In a Health Coaching appointment, you will talk about any health issues you may have that need addressing, discuss the Triad of Health and other tools, and formulate a plan of action. You’ll need a couple things handy during your Health Coaching session, as well. When you receive Balance of Nature products for the first time, you will discover one booklet and one workbook included. The Health Coaches utilize these to help educate customers more easily. They are for your benefit!

After discovering what health improvements can be made, a health coach will assess what you currently do regarding the The Triad of Health and what side of the triad needs some work. The Triad of Health consists of three sides, representing the three main aspects of health: physical health, spiritual health, and chemical health. In simpler terms, eat, think, and do. The goal in your first appointment is to identify things you are doing to benefit these areas of health and how you can do more of those beneficial things if needed.

health triad

Physical health involves what you do and how your body functions, all the way down to the cellular level. This side of the triad includes consistent physical activity and proper function of your physical body. If your physical health is suffering, our health coaches are here to help you figure out a way to improve it, which could be by exercising more often or starting to exercise.

Spiritual health is anything regarding what you think, how you think, your relationships, and your attitude. This encompasses spiritual, mental, and emotional health. We believe complete health cannot dismiss your relationship with Divinity and daily personal meditation. What are you doing for your spiritual health? Spending time with friends and family? Enjoying hobbies? That totally counts!

By chemical health we mean things you eat, drink, breathe, absorb, and consume. This involves every function of your body. The body is a fantastic chemical laboratory—the substances you choose to expose it to affects its intricate functions and processes. To address this side, a health coach may make suggestions regarding your nutrition if needed. Your Health Coach might also ask you to use a chart to track your servings of fruits and vegetables to ensure you’re getting the right amount for you.

Our goal is to have at least two of those health aspects in a good state. When any two sides of your Health Triad change, the third will follow suit. If you are eating well and getting exercise, you’ll find your attitude improving. Someone who has a positive attitude and eats healthy food is more likely to be physically active.

Health Coaching is designed to help you be more responsible for your own health, too, through education and providing someone to hold you accountable, because they will follow up with you and discuss your progress.

Our Health Coaching Services are crucial to maximizing your results. Our Coaching relationships are about support, accountability, and excellent communication. We provide you with a health coach who is interested in your results and success.

We believe complete health can only be achieved through personal accountability. During twenty years of practice, Dr. Douglas Howard, founder and formulator of Balance of Nature, developed this simple philosophy—The Triad of Health—to clarify your personal health responsibilities.

Another tool your Health Coach might use during a session is Dr. Howard’s Health Curve.

Health is not merely the absence of symptoms; it is a dynamic process. Any cell, tissue, or organ has optimal health when it is functioning at 100 percent. A healthy body is continually fighting to stay as close to 100 percent function as possible. Chronic symptoms develop when some part of you is unable to repair and return to optimal health.

health curve

Above is Dr. Howard’s Health Curve. The curve can be applied to a cell, a tissue, an organ, a system, or your body as a whole. You’ll see there are eight stages, or health conditions: 100 percent health or function, weakness, degeneration, symptoms, death or 0 percent function, relief, correction, and strengthen. Most people believe they’re at 100 percent function if they’re not experiencing symptoms. In reality, once you experience obvious symptoms you've fallen below 40 percent function.

The Weakness stage is when a cell, organ, or system is weakened by external or internal forces. This is not a physical symptom. Degeneration is when a cell, organ, or system remains weak and degenerates, leading to symptoms. Once Symptoms occur, weakness and degeneration need to be corrected to avoid further weakness and degeneration. Relief happens when action is taken to improve health. Relief does not mean 100 percent health has been reached; you must continue through the curve to optimal function. As Correction occurs and symptoms have subsided, the problem that caused weakness and degeneration is corrected and health improves. The Strengthen stage includes daily strengthening of cells, organs, and systems to improve and maintain performance. You must continue to strengthen even in the absence of symptoms.

You know best where you fall on this curve. Being honest with yourself and noting your current situation makes it possible for you to attain optimal results. Your Health Curve Rating will also help you determine your proper intake of Balance of Nature products.

Health Coaching Example

To illustrate how a session with one of our Health Coaches might look, we’ll provide an example of what actually happened in one appointment. This customer initially met with a health coach on July 23, 2020. Here’s her story:

"This was my first appointment so I didn’t know quite what to expect. I met with the Health Coach assigned to me and learned right away her purpose was to provide information and educate me on the best times I should take my Fruits & Veggies as well as some philosophies. Needless to say, I learned a lot. My Health Coach used a personal health evaluation from me to determine how much product is right for me. Because we identified I have asthma and allergies, she advised me to take nine Fruits and nine Veggies capsules.

We also discussed what I was doing day-to-day regarding each side of the The Triad of Health.

I was pretty good with the physical side of the triad, so she suggested some things for the chemical side—increasing my Fiber & Spice and water intake. She explained to me what the right nutrition actually does in my body on a cellular level and how it helps my overall health. It was very beneficial as well as just neat to know.  I did express some worries and got some good tips in return. All my questions were addressed. We scheduled a follow-up to see how I’m progressing toward the objectives we set."

The Purpose

Our Health Coaches are trained in Dr. Howard’s philosophies of whole health and will support you in your quest for a healthier lifestyle. They offer guidance and support as they help you achieve your personal health goals. So give them a call today! You can reach our Health Coaches at 800-246-8751.

To achieve complete health, you must strive for a balanced life. You must continually build and strengthen your Health Triad. When you take responsibility for your health and strengthen any two sides of the Triad, the third will naturally be motivated to follow.

Our Health Coaching Services are crucial to maximizing your results. We are a results-based company. We do more than make promises; we expect results. Real results are taking place on a cellular level when you consistently consume our products even before you recognize any changes yourself. Our Coaching relationships are about support, accountability, and excellent communication. They will encourage you to accept accountability, help you set goals, and follow up on your progress.

The Last Bite

“In order to take full control of your health, you must educate yourself, set goals, and make good choices,” Dr. Howard says. “No one cares more about the way you feel than you do. Take responsibility. It is the best thing you can do for your current and future health.”

He believes your health is your personal responsibility. When developing Balance of Nature, he knew two things were necessary for patients to really take responsibility for their health: education and accountability. Education empowers you, and a system to measure and report your progress improves results.

Our Health Coaching services were developed as an ongoing source of education and support. Our goal at Balance of Nature is to support our customers in educating themselves on health-related issues and attaining optimal health and overall wellness—a balance between physical, spiritual, and chemical health. Give our Health Coaches a call today to get closer to setting and achieving personal health goals.